How Long It Takes To Beat Final Fantasy 16

How Long It Takes To Beat Final Fantasy 16

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy 16 has finally arrived for PlayStation 5 consoles, allowing players to experience and beat an all-new game in the franchise. The title follows the story of Clive Rosfield, the son of the archduke of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. Clive is expected to be the heir to the throne as Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, but after a tragic event involving his brother, Joshua, he discovers he is, in fact, Dominant of the Dark Eikon, Ifrit. To complete Final Fantasy 16, players must make their way through a continent at war and uncover the secrets within.

Players who take on Final Fantasy 16 will have dozens of hours of gameplay in their hands, and those who want to Platinum it will play even longer.

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