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‘Washington’ Due on DVD Aug. 25 From Lionsgate

Washington, about the nation’s first president, is coming to DVD Aug. 25 from Lionsgate. Narrated by Jeff Daniels, Washington tells the story of a young soldier who becomes the leader of men in a liberty-or-death campaign...


ViacomCBS Expands Content Distribution in France

ViacomCBS continues to expand distribution of its core brands around the world — this time with a new linear and on-demand access to BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon and MTV on French telecom/broadband provider...


Smartphones Boosting SVOD Subscriber Growth

Not too long ago, Netflix’s Reed Hastings admitted the streamer wasn’t used much on smartphones. Now the co-founder/CEO thinks the platform’s next 100 million subscribers could come from India’s cellphone users. New data from...