Spider-Man: No Way Home Redefines MCU Post-Credits Scenes

Spider-Man: No Way Home Redefines MCU Post-Credits Scenes

Marvel Studios has become famous for its use of post-credits scenes, often setting up future projects for the MCU, but Spider-Man: No Way Home refreshingly redefined their immediate significance for future projects. While the MCU certainly didn’t invent post-credits scenes, the franchise set forward a trend in requiring nearly every blockbuster film or series to include a follow-up scene that sets up the future of its story. With the vast characters, settings, and specific objects within the MCU timeline, every post-credits scene has become its own event, typically either setting up in-universe connections to future projects or teasing surprise twists.

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The MCU’s credits scenes have been a problem for Phase 4, but Spider-Man: No Way Home’s stingers reinvent their approach & meaning for the franchise.

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