Shogun Glossary & Japanese Terminology

Shogun Glossary & Japanese Terminology

The Hulu/FX historical epic series Shōgun features a variety of Japanese terms and locations to add to its expert authenticity. Featuring an outstanding ensemble cast, Shōgun is led by Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne and acclaimed Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada as the feudal Lord Yoshii Toranaga. The series begins with Blackthorne washing up on Japanese shores and being taken prisoner. Blackthorne and Toranaga develop an unlikely alliance when they realize they have a common enemy. The highly anticipated Game of Thrones caliber series premieres on February 27 on Hulu and Disney+ and airs on FX at 10 PM EST.

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The critically acclaimed historical epic series Shōgun features an authentic portrayal of feudal Japan with incredible accuracy & attention to detail.

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