10 Best Dead By Daylight Killers From Movies, Ranked

10 Best Dead By Daylight Killers From Movies, Ranked

With the announcement of the soon-to-be-released Chucky Chapter for Dead by Daylight, and by extension the game’s introduction of the malevolent Good Guy doll, Chucky, as a killer, the question emerges, just who is the best Dead by Daylight killer to have come from the medium of movies? Though there is a degree of subjectivity in the answer to this deadly conundrum, the game’s inclusion of some of the most legendary and iconic horror movie antagonists means that no matter which killer is stalking the map, there is a pretty great chance that they have come prepared to leave no survivors.

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Dead by Daylight features some of the horror genre’s most iconic killers from the medium of movies. Though they are all terrifying, who is the best?

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