Walking Dead Destinies: Release Date, Platforms & Details

Walking Dead Destinies: Release Date, Platforms & Details

The recent announcement of The Walking Dead Destinies is good news for fans of AMC’s hit show, as well as the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. This is a new game set in the post-apocalyptic and walker-infested world of The Walking Dead and follows the story of the specific characters from the TV show. In fact, these heroes and villains share a likeness with the actors who played them on TV. Rick Grimes in the game resembles Andrew Lincoln’s character on AMC’s show, for instance, while Daryl Dixon in the new Walking Dead game is based on Norman Reedus’ likeness.

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Here’s everything you need to know about The Walking Dead Destinies, including its release date, price, gameplay mechanics, story details, and more.

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