The Boys’ Homelander vs Superman: Who Would Win?

The Boys’ Homelander vs Superman: Who Would Win?

One of The Boys‘ most poignant superhero parodies is Homelander — an obvious pastiche of DC’s beloved Man of Steel — which has of course created an endless debate over who would win in a Homelander vs Superman fight. The Boys season 4 is on the way, and The Boys‘ darkly comical narrative lends itself perfectly to satirizing the superhero genre, with the Amazon series taking stabs at multiple MCU and DCU stalwarts across its three seasons so far. The most virulent of these portrayals is The Boys‘ Superman parody Homelander, who essentially bastardizes every value that DC’s poster child holds dear. Both Dark Horse’s Homelander and DC’s Superman originate from their comics counterparts, with both also representing the zenith of power within their respective universes.

The Boy’s Homelander is a clear parody of Superman, but who would win in a Homelander vs. Superman fight? Here’s who’d come out on top and why.

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