10 Video Games With The Worst Melee Combat, Ranked

10 Video Games With The Worst Melee Combat, Ranked

There are plenty of video games out there with truly terrible melee combat systems. With the upcoming launch of some massive AAA titles such as the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the promise of engaging and satisfying combat systems is a major draw for these releases, and the combat will need to clear a high bar in each cases to avoid lukewarm early reviews. Video games can live and die by their melee combat, with a quality experience getting elevated by the way in which conflicts are settled. In other words, good combat systems make games fun to play. Bad combat systems make games not fun.

Melee combat is so important for how games deliver for fans, but there are multiple systems that ultimately don’t stand up compared to gaming greats.

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