Where to Watch Edward Scissorhands

Where to Watch Edward Scissorhands

If the idea of a man with blades for hands makes you think of Halloween horror movies and Freddy Krueger, you might not be a ’90s kid — who knows the awesome, eerie quirkiness that is Edward Scissorhands, starring the one and only Johnny Depp (in his younger years). For the generation that’s now raising kids of their own, it’s time to share the mysterious magnetism of a man with sharp blades for fingers with their own children, and it’s not a Halloween tradition but a Christmas one. In one of those odd perspectives on reality and fantasy that only Tim Burton can deliver, Edward Scissorhands became a beloved annual holiday movie watch for an entire generation. It’s a story of selfless love, the vulnerability of being a leather-clad outsider in the pastel world of suburban America, and the magic of Christmas snow.

A movie about a leather-clad stranger (Johnny Depp) with blades for fingers became a Christmas classic that you’ll want to find out where to watch.

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