What Bob Iger’s Return Means for Disney

What Bob Iger’s Return Means for Disney

Less than two years after promoting him to CEO, Disney has fired Bob Chapek and reinstated ex-CEO Bob Iger in the role — but what does this mean for Disney movies and TV shows? Iger’s career began at ABC in 1974, long before The Walt Disney Company acquired the network. He worked his way through the ranks there and was President and COO of ABC when Disney came along in 1995. He was then Chairman of ABC until 1999 when he was named president of Walt Disney International. In 2000, he was promoted to President and COO. Then, he replaced Michael Eisner as CEO of Disney in 2005.

With Bob Chapek’s firing and Bob Iger’s return as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, will there be a meaningful impact on Disney movies and TV shows?

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