How To Unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers

How To Unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers

Arcade Mode is a unique game mode in Sonic Frontiers that enables players to access all the Cyber Space levels that players experienced throughout the course of their playthrough. In the standard experience, Sonic fans would have to discover or directly travel to the Cyber Space Portals scattered across the islands of the open-world map. These Portals are inaccessible at first but can be unlocked using the Portal Gears acquired from defeating various minibosses known as Guardians that patrol the lands. These Guardians include enemies such as the crab-like Tank from Ares Island or the flying Fortress of Chaos Island. Once defeated, they drop a gear that players can use to access these arcade-style levels.

If Sonic Frontiers fans would like an easy way to access any Cyber Space level at any given moment, they can use the unlockable feature, Arcade Mode.

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