Are Legend Of Zelda’s Deku Sticks Secretly Magic?

Are Legend Of Zelda’s Deku Sticks Secretly Magic?

There is no shortage of secrets in the kingdom of Hyrule, even those pertaining to seemingly mundane items, especially in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s rendition of the iconic land. From the peak of Death Mountain to the quiet fields of Lon Lon Ranch, nearly every inch of this Nintendo 64 masterpiece is filled with discoveries waiting to be found. The game constantly rewards curious players for closely examining the world, and while this does lead to some of Ocarina‘s best dialogue exchanges becoming completely missable, it also creates the opportunity for veteran players to feel a sense of surprise even years after their first time defeating Ganon. Both old-school adventurers and Hyrule newcomers might be shocked to learn that even the Deku Sticks hold magical secrets. Despite their rather mundane appearance, these sticks pack a punch, and could even save Link’s life in the right circumstances.

The Deku Sticks of Ocarina of Time hold a few secrets that some players might miss. These sticks deal major damage and can even create fairies.

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