Werewolf By Night Transformation Did Not Use CGI

Werewolf By Night Transformation Did Not Use CGI

The werewolf transformation sequence in Marvel’s Halloween special Werewolf By Night did not use CGI, according to director Michael Giacchino. Marvel’s first Halloween special, the hour-long film will mark MCU composer Giacchino’s feature directorial debut. After the first trailer for Werewolf By Night‘s release during the D23 Expo, fan anticipation has only increased due to the promise of seeing the Marvel Comics character Jack Russell – who has previously appeared in comics alongside characters like Moon Knight and Ghost Rider – make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Marvel has since confirmed the appearance of the classic swamp monster Man-Thing in the special.

Werewolf By Night director Michael Giacchino says that the titular werewolf’s transformation was filmed without CGI in the Marvel Halloween special.

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