How The Winchesters Honors Supernatural’s Legacy Explained

How The Winchesters Honors Supernatural’s Legacy Explained

Jensen Ackles is explaining how The Winchesters honors Supernatural‘s legacy. The upcoming prequel series was announced back in 2021 and is executive produced by Ackles, his wife Danneel, and Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson. Set in the 1970s and narrated by Ackles’ Dean Winchester himself, the show will explore the story of how his parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell, met and fell in love while fighting monsters. Leading up to its October 11 premiere date, The Winchesters has teased the dynamic between its central characters, but longtime fans of its predecessor know exactly how their relationship pans out. It stars Meg Donnelly, Drake Rodger, Bianca Kajlich, Demetria McKinney, Nida Khurshid, and Jojo Fleites.

Jensen Ackles revealed how The Winchesters honors Supernatural’s legacy and explained that the new show will not forget Sam and Dean, or any lore.

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