Every Unlockable Demon in Soul Hackers 2

Every Unlockable Demon in Soul Hackers 2

Much like the Personas of its cousin series Persona 5, Soul Hackers 2 possesses a wide range of demons the player can summon to aid them in the game. These demons are many and varied, 156 in total divided among 32 different races. Access to nine of these demons is locked behind either the Soul Hackers 2’s Day-One, the DLC Bonus Demon Pack, or the game’s Digital Premium Edition, which costs $20 more. Any completionist player who wants to obtain each and every demon for their Demonic Compendium will need to buy the Premium Edition, as this edition includes the DLC.

Soul Hackers 2 has several iconic demons locked behind day-1 DLC or, in one case, is only available in the game’s premium digital edition.

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