Grey’s Anatomy: Why Was George Called “007”?

Grey’s Anatomy: Why Was George Called “007”?

A big part of Grey’s Anatomy’s success is due to its combination of comedy and drama, and while it has seen a number of tragic moments, it also makes way for a good dose of humor, such as when the characters are given different nicknames. One of the most unforgettable ones was George O’Malley’s “007” nickname, but why did he earn that particular nickname and how did it impact him? Grey’s Anatomy shows no signs of stopping soon, and over the course of more than 15 seasons, it has seen many heartwarming moments but also many tragic ones, especially with those characters who were killed off.

The characters in Grey’s Anatomy give each other various nicknames, and George O’Malley was their "007" – but what does that really mean?

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