Virgin River: 10 Things Nobody Saw Coming In Season 4

Virgin River: 10 Things Nobody Saw Coming In Season 4

The new season of Virgin River is easily the best one yet, so it’s a good thing it was already renewed for season 5. Fans love the show for the comfort the series brings when watching. Despite the storyline containing some more serious or morose moments, the majority of the show gives a comforting vibe.

It tells the story of a community of people living in a small town, navigating life much like anybody else. Surprises and plot twists were carefully woven into the storyline to complement it, and some of them were the plot twists fans have predicted before the season even aired.

11 Calvin Dies

Calvin was the big bad the most of the seasons, being responsible for the drug operation run through Emerald Lumber and proving that he doesn’t have any morals, even when it came to killing people.

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Most of season 4 was spent trying to locate Calvin, and they did in the end – only to see his boat being blown up. It soon became clear, that Calvin was just another high-ranking pawn in the game, and that he wasn’t the one running the whole thing.

10 Mel Deciding To Resign

In a plot twist that nobody saw coming, Mel turned in her resignation to Doc in the season 4 finale of Virgin River. This was a result of a more complicated storyline, with the new doctor Cameron getting overly involved in her relationship with Jack, causing an awkward situation for both of them.

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Mel, being the kind and nurturing person she is, again put the needs of others before her own. Thinking about how hard it would be for Doc if they lose the valuable help Cameron brought to the clinic, she decides to resign as nurse practitioner and midwife in hopes it will convince Cameron to stay.

9 Muriel Coming Through For Hope

Muriel and Hope did not start on the best of terms when the show started and continued on the trend when Muriel seemed to develop an interest in Doc. However, her seeking out companionship is likely just due to her being lonely, and feeling like nobody cares.

In a twist of the century, Muriel came through for Hope in ways nobody expected. At first, she coddled her like everybody else but wasn’t afraid to put Hope in her place, which is something nobody else even attempted. They struck an interesting friendship, and it will be so interesting to see how it evolves next season, but most of all, she made Hope know she cares, and it was a heartwarming quote that left fans with misty eyes.

8 Melissa Montgomery

Another gigantic plot twist was Melissa Montgomery. Everyone thought Calvin was the one running the drug operation in Emerald Lumber. But it turns out the strings were being pulled by someone entirely else. Melissa shows up, first paying for Brady’s bail, and then showing up to threaten him.

But none of the viewers had an inch of a clue about how complex the situation is until Melissa showed up at dinner as Nick’s sister. What makes this even more complicated is the fact Nick and Jack are now business partners, so there is no telling how badly this will impact their lives. One thing is sure – it can’t be anything good, because there was an ominous scene of someone taking pictures of them inside the restaurant.

7 Brie Deciding To Press Charges

Previous seasons set up Brie’s storyline slowly, and by this season her secret was out with the audience. More people learned about her sexual assault, including Brady who did his best to support her. However, nobody quite expected Brie’s ex would have the audacity of calling and then even showing up at Virgin River.

Brie, who has done her best to try and move past this and forget it ever happened, realized trauma doesn’t work this way. In an attempt to conquer her demons, she told Don she would press charges for what he did to her. Given that she is one of the best characters on the show, it was so nice to see Brie slowly becoming more herself when surrounded by people who support her.


5 Mel’s Mother-In-Law’s Crazy Lawsuit

This was insanity personified. When Mel’s sister-in-law came to town and wanted to meet up the fans didn’t really love it, because she’s been so rude and patronizing to Mel in the past. However, it turned out she was ready to turn a new leaf and warned Mel about being blindsided by her former mother-in-law.

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Her mother-in-law believed she could sue Mel to gain custody of her two fertilized embryos. It was as insane to Mel, as it was to the audience, the viewers could already see the legal battle Mel would have to endure along with everything else. But luckily, the finale dismissed this notion and fans can relax.

4 Paige Showing Up

This season focused somewhat less on the drama with Paige and Christopher, even if it was still very much present in the background. It allowed Preacher to take some steps forward in his life, while still actively trying to find Christopher.

But when Preacher was on a date with his new girlfriend, the last thing the audience expected was that Paige was going to crash their evening. Paige showed up out of nowhere, moving the storyline with Vince and Christopher further until it finally reached its conclusion. It was one of the storylines fans wanted to see wrapped up in season 4, but it will be interesting to see if Paige will not return to Virgin River or make other arrangements.

3 The Twins Not Being Jack’s

This might not be the biggest plot twist. People have predicted very early on that Charmaine is lying to Jack about the parentage of the twins. But given they dragged the storyline out for four seasons, many people began to accept that they’re not going the obvious route and that the twins are his.

But the season finale confirmed what everyone has been saying since season 1. Charmaine lied, and Jack is not the father of her babies. But considering how late in the show this revelation came, it’s safe to say nobody expected this twist at this point.

2 Mel’s Baby Being Jack’s

Season three ended with a shocking twist of Mel admitting to Jack that she used her embryos and that she’s pregnant, but isn’t sure of who the father is. This season continued with this by having Jack accept this, and choosing to love the baby either way, which resulted in one of the best quotes of the season.

They might have opted out of knowing if it wasn’t for Mel’s wicked mother-in-law trying to get custody of the embryos and cashing in her right to Mark’s baby. Given this show’s love for drama, it was fully expected that the baby would be Mark’s, but the season finale revealed that Jack and Mel have nothing to worry about because Jack is the father of her baby.

1 Denny Being Terminally Ill

When Denny first showed up, the fans loved the prospect of Doc spending time with his long-lost grandson. The further season went along, however, the more shady Denny seemed to be with all the pills that weren’t prescribed in his name and mysterious money transfers. Fans became to doubt his true intentions.

But in the end, it was revealed that Denny has Huntington’s disease, which is a terminal illness. This was likely why he searched for his grandfather after losing his father. He wanted to meet him, but also spend his last moments with his family.

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Virgin River is famous for its plot twists and cliff-hangers, and this season was no different. Here are some of the biggest ones of season 4.

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