Every Taika Waititi Directed Film, Ranked By Letterboxd

Every Taika Waititi Directed Film, Ranked By Letterboxd

Taika Waititi’s latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder, has finally been released. The film showcases more of the director’s strengths by giving audiences a laugh-out-loud comedy with an emotional core at the center. But the New Zealand director has been delighting audiences for years now.

Some of Waititi’s films are difficult to engage with, due to the humor he employs. Letterboxd users have, once again, taken to their favorite site to show their love and, at times, disinterest in each one of the films he’s directed.

7 Thor: Love And Thunder (2022) – 3.2/5

Taika’s most recent film, Thor: Love and Thunder finds Thor discovering himself again after the events of Avengers: Endgame. When a new villain, Gorr, begins to kill gods all over the universe, Thor tries to track him down, which leads him to New Asgard. New Asgard, has a new Thor, in the form of Jane Foster, now wielding a reforged Mjilonir. The two Thors team up to stop the god butcher.

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This movie ended up dividing audiences more than Taika’s last outing with the God of Thunder. Many feel that the movie doesn’t balance the tones very well and the humor hasn’t landed for many members of the audience. For all its flaws, many users still find enough to like in Thor’s fourth film, such as Christian Bale’s performance as Gorr.

6 Eagle Vs. Shark (2007) – 3.3/5

Taika Waititi’s first feature film, Eagle vs. Shark is a love story that only he could deliver. Jemaine Clement stars in this film as Jarrod, who falls in love with a girl named Lily. The two of them meet at a party where Jarrod is dressed as an eagle and Lily is dressed as a shark. The two fall madly in love, but Jarrod is trying to kill his high school bully and Lily has to figure out if she’s ok with that.

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This film has been described many times as “pretty cute.” The acting is quirky enough and definitely feels like an indie film from the early 200os. But the film doesn’t quite hold up to the standards of today. Jarrod comes off as an emotionally abusing boyfriend in most scenes, for example.

5 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – 3.9/5

Thor: Ragnarok picked up with Thor after the events of the second Avengers movie. When he returns to Asgard, he finds that Loki has taken over the throne and banished Odin. The two go to find Odin, who dies, but not before revealing they have a sister named Hela, the goddess of death. Thor and Loki get lost on Sakar, where they find Valkyrie and the Hulk, who they hope will help in the fight to free Asgard from Hela’s rule.

This film was Taika Waititi’s first step into blockbuster filmmaking and it paid off. He brought much-needed energy to the character of Thor. Many felt the character was stale, so Thor: Ragnarok stripped him of his hammer and tried to tell a new type of story for the character. Hela didn’t impress much as a villain but all the new characters, the Grandmaster, Korg, and Valkyrie all became fan favorites.

4 Boy (2010) – 4.0/5

Boy is a comic of age story about a young kid named Boy. He lives on a farm with his younger brother and grandmother and wishes that his dad would come home. He believes his dad is a hero, but when his dad finally arrives, the truth is far more disappointing.

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Taika Waititi’s first coming-of-age story was a major hit with audiences, especially on Letterboxd. Taika proved to be a breath of fresh air when it came to this movie. It’s light and breezy but also had a ton of heart and with this film, Taika proved that he could balance wildly different tones.

3 Hunt For The Wilderpeople (2016) – 4.0/5

In Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a young boy is adopted by a family on a farm and things are going well at first. Unfortunately, Hector’s wife passes away and the two of them aren’t sure what they can do or if they should be together. They set off into the woods to live out there and learn that they may have more in common than they thought. Throughout the movie, the two grow close and become a proper family.

Another film that demonstrates Taika’s strengths as a filmmaker. This film feels personal and wild all at the same time. One moment the audience is laughing and the next they’re crying, but it never feels unbalanced. Taika Waititi crafts an incredible character in the form of Sam Neil’s Hector. Taika can be an acquired taste for some, but it’s hard to discount such a heartwarming film completely.

2 What We Do In The Shadows (2014) – 4.1/5

Three vampires invite a documentary crew to document their nightly lives. A new vampire is sired and begins to cause a bit of trouble. What We Do In The Shadows is about how the three vampires cope with the new member of their crew. He seems hip and cool and he’s able to get them into bars, but his recklessness could put them all in danger.

What We Do In The Shadows instantly became a cult hit and it’s arguably the film that put Taika Waititi on the map for American audiences. Most of the user reviews on Letterboxd are just quoting the movie so it’s difficult to see anything other than love for this film. A follow-up was so sought after that a TV series spin-off of What We Do In The Shadows was made.

1 Jojo Rabbit (2019) – 4.1/5

It’s World War II in JoJo Rabbit and the Germans are losing the war. Jojo is a young boy who idolizes the Nazi party, including Hitler. His imaginary friend is a goofier version of Hitler. When a young Jewish woman is found hiding in his house, he’s confused, because she’s nothing like the propaganda he’s been fed.

Even though it could easily divide people, Jojo Rabbit is considered one of the best films of 2019. The young performers are stand-outs and able to hold their own with the more seasoned actors. Taika is a child at heart so it makes sense that his strongest films are about childhood, no matter the backdrop.

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Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder is finally out, but the New Zealand director has delighted audiences for years now, as seen by Letterboxd.

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