Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Use Switch Skill Swap

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Use Switch Skill Swap

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expands the Switch Skill system to allow fully customized swapping. This brings the original three skills to five base skills, and two possible “scroll” loadouts for a combination of ten skills. This allows a lot of versatility while out hunting and the chance to fight a larger variety of monsters before heading back to the hub.

Each Monster Hunter Rise weapon type has an original and switch skill. While the latter tends to be more powerful, it may come at the cost of a longer wind-up or recovery time. This means that for certain fights, the original weaker attack may still have a major advantage.

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The new Switch Skill Swap system still requires unlocking the other sets within the base game. This includes Three Star Village Quest Rank, creating and upgrading eight unique weapons of a single type, and Four Star Rank Hub Quests. If these are done, once entering Elgado Outpost of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Master Utsushi will grant use of Switch Skill Swap.

Players can set up their customized set of skills at any item box or tent. While there, open the menu and select “Manage Switch Skills”, followed by “Change Switch Skills”. Now players can assign up to five skills among two scrolls, the Red Swap Scroll and Blue Swap Scroll. Players also have the option of saving additional loadouts and attaching them to scrolls later. This is found under the same “Manage Switch Skills” but selecting “Switch Skill Loadouts”. Up to eight loadouts can be made and then assigned to a scroll whenever returning to an item box or hut.

Using Swap Scrolls in Combat

The input for changing Swap Scrolls depends both on the system and combat scheme selected in Monster Hunter Rise. Both the Nintendo Switch and PC versions have inputs for players that choose Blademaster or Gunner as the current playstyle. This results in four different overall swap controls:

  • Switch Blademaster: zL > X+A
  • Switch Gunner: R > X+A
  • PC Blademaster: Middle Mouse > Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button
  • PC Gunner: Shift > Mouse Button 4 + Mouse Button 5

Additionally, players can quickly evade immediately after a Swap Scroll. On Switch, this is done by tapping B, while on PC it is with the Space bar. Using the evade action can help players in tough boss hunts like the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Seregios encounter. This will prove to be a very important tactic in the heat of battle as changing scroll as a very slight delay in animation.

It is critical to constantly change both the Red and Blue scrolls, and have unique loadouts for any possible situation. There are many different encounters and fights in both the original Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. While the new updated system gives more options it is always key to bring the right skills for each weapon and boss.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Switch Skill Swap system in Monster Hunter Sunbreak expands the use of three skills, but this uses a scroll change that has some tactical delay.

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