F1 2022: How To Get a Good Start In Every Race | Screen Rant

F1 2022: How To Get a Good Start In Every Race | Screen Rant

Getting a good start is important in any race, and this certainly applies to F1 22. The beginning of a race in F1 22 sees players jockeying for position much like F1 2021 and earlier titles. If they do poorly, they will end up in the middle of the pack and find it more difficult to move forward in positions. However, if they have a good start, they will be in a higher position. From here they will apply other racing skills to overtake cars one by one, hopefully getting either a podium finish or even first place.

F1 22 is a simulation game and tries as much as possible to emulate actual Formula 1 driving and is the official game for the 2022 season. What this means is that players will be using actual techniques that Formula 1 drivers use in real life when they are racing. The difficulty settings can be turned down to make it easier to drive for those using a controller instead of a steering wheel. Or perhaps players simply want a more relaxing racing experience rather than a simulation.

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The tactics that players use in F1 22 to ensure they have a good start depend largely upon the settings they are using. They must also factor in qualifying positions, the car they are using, the course, and other factors. If they have automatic shifting and traction control, getting a good start is easier. It makes for a more pleasant and simpler racing experience.  If these settings are disabled, it makes the game more challenging.

There aren’t start boosts or blue shells like in Mario Kart 8, so getting a good start in F1 22’s races can vary a lot depending on the setting players have. Players might want to practice a few times to get the timing down on shifting and where to brake before trying a real race. If they don’t, players may find themselves spinning out and facing the wrong way. Real racecar drivers practice extensively before a race, but players only need to put in some effort to find out what it takes to consistently get a good start. From there, they then need to worry about being consistent throughout the rest of the race.

If the race has a formation lap like in F1 22‘s career mode, then players have a chance to improve the traction for their car before the race begins.  F1 22 has realistic physics including tire temperatures. Just like in real racing, players will want to try weaving back and forth on the formation lap to heat their tires. Players should try to get the exterior of their tires to around 194°F or 90°C. With these temperatures, the tires will be better able to grip the road. Failure to do so means reduced traction, which can cause players to struggle going into turn 1 when the race begins.

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F1 22 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Victory in racing begins with getting a good start. This is important in F1 22 also, where players much learn starting techniques to succeed.

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