How Long FF7 Remake Is Compared To The Original | Screen Rant

How Long FF7 Remake Is Compared To The Original | Screen Rant

With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, fans may want to go back and play Final Fantasy 7 Remake or the original Final Fantasy 7, but how long are they? While a game’s remake is typically around the same length as its source, Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t a typical remake, and makes changes to the story and world of the original Final Fantasy 7. Because of this, the lengths of the two games differ a bit from each other.

Released in April 2020, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first part of what was recently announced to be a trilogy of Final Fantasy 7 games, which will branch off from the original game’s events. In FF7 Remake, most new content came in the form of additional side quests, and smaller story beats and characters being introduced. However, it seems like future entries like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be changing even more of the narrative. Because of this, it may be useful for players to play the original Final Fantasy 7 and FF7 Remake to fully understand characters that seem like they may serve a bigger part in the story this time around.

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Comparatively, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original game are roughly the same lengths, taking many players more than a few dozen hours. However, with the large number of side quests in Remake, players could spend even more time in that game. The original game’s length could be made even shorter, too, with different versions of Final Fantasy 7 providing different quality of life changes to make the original game flow better.

Overall, when focusing on just the main story, Final Fantasy 7 and Remake are roughly the same length, around 35 hours. However, much of Remake is spent subjects the original game didn’t broach as much, such as giving main characters some extra development and spending more time with side characters from AVALANCHE than the original did. There are also more side quests in Remake than the classic version offers, which can lengthen playthroughs for Remake even further. Another thing that can make Remake playthroughs longer is the Yuffie DLC in FF7 Remake: Intergrade, which usually runs around five hours for the main story.

Despite this, the main story content covered in Remake only equates to around the first five hours of most playthroughs of the original Final Fantasy 7. However, with modern improvements like 3x speed that are found in most ports of FF7, the original game typically ends up being a shorter experience. However, this shorter game tells a much more complete story than Remake currently does sans parts two and three. When compared lengthwise, Final Fantasy 7 and Remake are roughly the same length. However, features included in modern ports of the original can make it a shorter experience than the modern version. Still, it’s worth playing both before the upcoming FF7 Rebirth, an even bigger game than Remake.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake & the original FF7 are similar lengths, but features in ports of the original help it tell a complete story in a shorter time.

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