How To Use Ruby Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How To Use Ruby Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Ruby Wirebug is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise that serves as one of two new Morphed Wirebugs introduced in the DLC expansion, Sunbreak. Hunters can find these flying critters in the new locale centered around the forlorn ruins of an old castle known as The Citadel. Similar to other Endemic Life creatures, the Ruby Wirebug can be picked up by a Hunter to receive a unique temporary buff mechanic in Sunbreak. A regular Wirebug will provide players with an extra charge for their Wirebug-related moves. On the other hand, the Ruby Wirebug offers a new particular benefit for monster hunting.

When a Hunter picks up a Ruby Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, they will receive three distinct effects, two of which are shared with the Gold Morphed Wirebug. First, it becomes easier to initiate Wyvern Riding, allowing players to mount a monster with higher speed and less restraint. Next, the rate at which the Hunter’s Wirebug Gauge recovery is significantly increased, resulting in less downtime between charge uses. Finally, the Ruby Wirebug’s unique buff makes Mounted Punishers more powerful, causing the finishing attacks to deal more damage.

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Therefore, if Hunters are seeking to deal more damage to their target while Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, then the Ruby Wirebug is the best Endemic Life choice for the job. Furthermore, if the mounted monster counters the target’s elemental characteristics, the bonus damage provided by the Ruby Wirebug can be even more effective.

An example of an ideal strategy would be to pick up a Ruby Wirebug and then lure two monsters into one zone using a Stinkmink. For the best results, ensure that the target Wyvern’s rival possesses a countering element in its attacks. For instance, if the player is hunting a Lagombi, luring a Blood Orange Bishaten to the battle would be highly effective. The Lagombi’s element is Ice, making it weak to Fire, the Blood Orange Bishaten’s primary element. Therefore, the Mounted Punisher with the Ruby Wirebug active would ensure that Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise receives the maximum amount of damage.

Suppose the monster that becomes stunned is not the Wyvern that the Hunter wishes to mount. In that case, proceed to ride it anyways but use the “Launch Monster” action to ram it into the opposing monster. This action will cause both monsters to become temporarily stunned, granting the player the opportunity to leap onto the opponent and continue Wyvern Riding.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Before riding a Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters can pick up and use a Ruby Wirebug to temporarily enhance their mount’s capabilities.

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