Love & Marriage Huntsville: Melody Holt Denies Martell Reconciliation

Love & Marriage Huntsville: Melody Holt Denies Martell Reconciliation

Melody and Martell Holt are not back together, according to the Love & Marriage: Hunstville star. Melody and Martell sparked reconciliation rumors after being filmed fighting with the Scott family a few weeks ago. Melody and Martell have been at odds since divorcing in 2020. But the two were able to come together when it came to confronting their on-and-off friends, Marsau and LaTisha Scott.

Fans got an inside look into the demise of Melody and Martell’s 12-year marriage. Season 1 saw them working to move past Martell’s past affair. But when Melody learned he was still in communication with his mistress, she left and took the kids with her. Once Melody learned of the couple’s fourth pregnancy, it brought them back together. However, it didn’t take too long for the Holts to hit a rough patch and start arguing again. Eventually, Melody learned Martell was still in contact with the mistress and filed for divorce. The former couple has tread lightly since finalizing the divorce and tend to argue more than play nice. The divorce drama has put their friends in the middle at times with the ladies siding with Melody and the men siding with Martell.

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The Holts recently put their differences aside to defend themselves in a heated showdown with Marsau and LaTisha. Melody went live during the melee and teased what producers will likely reveal in the near future. But after seeing the former married couple come together to combat the Scotts, many fans assumed the Holts might consider giving their love another try. But Melody shut down that idea. “I love y’all so much and yes this is my JAM! Love is so beautiful…a lot of y’all are asking, so, NO, my ex and I are NOT back together, dating NADA, okay? I’m good over here,” Melody said in an Instagram post, captured by All About The TeaMelody also posted to her page, explaining why she has no intentions of ever taking Martell back. Melody reposted a screenshot of an article covering fan speculation of her taking Martell back.

Melody noted how “interesting” it is that “soo many people encourage women to stay in emotionally draining and abusive situations,” she wrote in the lengthy caption. The OWN star went on to call out LAMH fans for seemingly encouraging her to “return” to her toxic marriage with Martell. Melody also insinuated that just because Martell hasn’t had his name tied to any scandal doesn’t mean his “behavior” changed “overnight.” Melody noted the “extensive therapy and YEARS of self-work,” it took for her to prioritize her own self-worth and leave Martell. “Let’s normalize choosing self, peace, higher vibrations, and better energy,” she concluded. The post was Melody’s way of shutting down any hope among fans for her and Martell to get back together.

Season 4 is highlighting the marital woes of Marsau and LaTisha. With all the attention being taken away from Martell, Love & Marriage: Huntsville started mounting speculation about a possible reconciliation. Melody and Martell have yet to introduce new love interests since their divorce. It leaves the door open for viewers to start rumors about the possibility of rekindling their flame. But Melody is making it clear that the ship has sailed and she has no plans of ever taking Martell back.

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Source: All About The TeaMelody Holt/Instagram

Melody Holt has heard about the rumors and the Love & Marriage: Huntsville star denies being reconciled with her ex-husband Martell Holt.

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