Rob Zombie’s Munsters: Zombo Figure Gives Closer Look at Classic Character

Rob Zombie’s Munsters: Zombo Figure Gives Closer Look at Classic Character

Zombo, a character from Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is getting his own NECA figure. A decade after Bryan Singer failed to reboot The Munsters with his Mockingbird Lane pilot, Zombie is attempting to revive the classic sitcom with a new movie. The original show’s three main characters, Herman, Lily, and Grandpa, of course have big roles in the reboot but are this time played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck.

It still hasn’t been confirmed if Marilyn and Eddie Munster will have roles in Zombie’s take on The Munsters, yet several other characters have been revealed by the director. Jorge Garcia, Cassandra ‘Elvira’ Peterson, and Richard Brake are just a few of the actors playing new characters. Zombie is also paying homage to the TV show by bringing back Lester, Lily’s brother, played by Tomas Boykin, and Uncle Gilbert. The most recent character confirmed for the reboot is Zombo, who appeared in a single episode of The Munsters. Zombo was a TV personality that Herman tried to act like after Eddie grew interested in the celebrity. 

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It still isn’t known who is playing Zombo in Zombie’s The Munsters, but the character is getting his own NECA Figure, which gives a closer look at his new design. Zombie shared the news on Instagram, revealing a few different images of the collectible. The director confirmed that the toy will only be available at the NECA booth at San Diego Comic-Con from July 20-24. The Zombo figure even comes in a Crumble Creature Crackers box, which is a product Zombo advertised in the original show. Check out Zombie’s original post below:

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Zombo is a bit of a deep cut for long-time The Munsters fans like Zombie, yet the inclusion of the character has big implications for the movie. Since Eddie was a big fan of Zombo, it’s possible this could be Zombie’s way of teasing that Herman and Lily’s son will indeed play a role in the film. It seems like an odd choice to not include Eddie and Marilyn since they were key characters in the original show. However, if Zombie already has a sequel in mind, this first movie could be a Munsters prequel, telling the story leading up to Lily becoming pregnant. Even if Eddie doesn’t appear in The Munsters, seeing this new version of Zombo will be a fun treat for die-hard fans of the ’60s sitcom. 

Now that Zombo is getting his own NECA figure, it’s safe to assume Herman, Lily, and Grandpa will get the plastic treatment as well. Since Zombo is a more obscure character, it makes sense that he was chosen to be a SDCC exclusive. After all, NECA will make more money by having a wide release for the main characters instead of making them limited edition collectibles. That being said, it is a bit disappointing for fans that can’t attend the event. Zombie claims the Zombo NECA figures will be gone after SDCC, which means resellers will hike up the price for the few figures that are out there. Regardless, this is no doubt a fun way to generate hype for the new version of The Munsters.

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Zombo, a classic Munsters character returning for Rob Zombie’s reboot, gets his own NECA figure, giving a closer look at the obscure character.

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