10 Saddest Deaths In All Of Star Wars Animation | Screen Rant

10 Saddest Deaths In All Of Star Wars Animation | Screen Rant

For years, the Star Wars franchise has given fans many spectacles, with lightsaber duels and battles across the galaxy. But the characters are what has made it such a huge success and why fans keep coming back for more.

This is especially true with the numerous animated shows that have created many new heroes to root for in the fight against evil. But among the Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers who were introduced in shows like The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, some of their exits hit viewers very hard.

Introduced in the 5th episode of season 1 “Rookies,” Hevy was one of the clone troopers stationed at a base on Rishi Moon. However, they’re a bunch of the latest recruits from Kamino and don’t quite have the experience compared to other Clone Trooper characters throughout the series.

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Arriving for an inspection, Cody and Rex try to inspire the new recruits after the base is attacked by droids. They’re able to inspire Hevy, who stayed behind to fight off the droids to give his comrades time to escape before sacrificing himself in order to blow up the base.

One of the many Jedis introduced in The Clone Wars, he appeared in only one episode, “Supply Lines.” But despite his brief role, he also had one of the saddest deaths in the series.

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During a battle against the droid army on Ryloth, Ima-Gun Di attempted to stall the opposing force while Twi’leks received the necessary supplies. But the number of droids proved too much for the Jedi, being shot in all directions as he hears that his efforts have paid off.

Introduced in the fifth season of The Clone Wars, Gregor was a Clone Trooper who suffered from amnesia and eventually regained his memory after encountering D-Squad. He would also make an appearance in The Bad Batch after being rescued from the Empire by Clone Squad 99.

But alongside Rex and Wolffe, he would return for Star Wars Rebels. After encountering the Rebels on the planet Seelos he became an ally and one of the best characters introduced after the first season of Rebels. But in the final episode, Gregor gets shot after trying to help free Lothal from the clutches of the Empire, giving the unpredictable Clone Trooper an emotional sendoff.

Roos Tarpals was introduced in The Phantom Menace back in 1999 as captain of the Gungan Grand Army. His appearance in this movie would not be his last, as he would return in The Clone Wars as a promoted general.

But for fans of this character from the prequel trilogy, “Shadow Warrior” would prove to be a sad moment for them. Sacrificing himself in an attempt to capture General Grievous, even to his dying breath Tarpals proved to be a strategic and selfless being who tried to do what was right for Naboo.

Before Saw Gerrera would join the Rebel Alliance and become one of the stars of Rogue One, he first appeared in The Clone Wars, surrounding the story arc on Onderon across the fifth season. But he was not alone as his sister, Steela, lead a group of rebel fighters to free her planet from Separatists’ control.

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In an attempt to protect the planet’s true king from attacking droids, she hides him in their hideout as they fight them off. And while her leadership freed her people, she died in the process and has remained a driving force for her brother and paved the way for his future.

One of the biggest Clone Trooper characters in The Clone Wars, Fives has appeared in some of the best episodes of the entire series and is one of Ranker’s best Clone Wars characters. And when it came to his exit, it was one of the most emotional and moving in the show’s history.

After another trooper unknowingly shot and killed a Jedi knight, Fives tries to uncover the secrets behind it. Unfairly hunted for discovering the truth behind the inhibitor chips in each clone, he tried to save Rex and warn them of the horrors to come before being shot and left to die in his arms.

The Duchess of Mandalore, she became the target of a terrorist group named Death Watch, led by Pre Vizsla. But after Darth Maul’s return to the Star Wars universe, he eventually took over the group and successfully killed Satine to exact his revenge against Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What made this much more impactful was seeing how much the calm and collective Jedi became saddened and anxious that he couldn’t save his old love. It’s also one of the arcs that people should consider watching before Kenobi’s Disney+ series. Her death would also impact her planet after making the attempt to move away from their history as a warrior race, as it became a deadly battleground during the final season.

Despite appearing in only 2 episodes across The Clone Wars, 99 was memorable as the supportive and friendly clone who suffered from rapid aging that left him unfit for service in the galactic war. While he was stationed as an assistant on Kamino, he helped to encourage the Clone Troopers who were being trained there before they joined their squads.

In an episode that saw some of the regular characters like General Rex and Echo together, 99 became memorable for his spirit, as he helped to bring the supplies and equipment needed for them. After being shot in the battle, they all pay respects to their fallen comrade which made a touching scene and an emotional tribute.

Kanan Jarrus already had an emotional backstory when he was introduced in Star Wars Rebels. After surviving Order 66, he remained hidden and assisted the Rebel Alliance even after losing his sight, becoming one of the favorite characters from the series.

During the final episode, Kanan uses the force to push Ezra Bridger and Hera Syndulla away from a devastating explosion, sacrificing himself for their safety, and they survived to the end of Rebels because of his selfless act. It proved to be one of the most dramatic exits on the show and one of the saddest as fans said goodbye to this new Jedi character.

One of the major characters within the Clone Army, Jesse often fought alongside the Jedi and Commander Rex in countless battles across the series. But with the inevitable event that was Order 66, he would succumb to the inhibitor chip inside his head.

With Jesse and the other clones under Palpatine’s control, they instantly turned from Ahsoka Tano’s allies to enemies as they attempted to kill her. Despite her and Rex’s attempts to save him, he alongside the rest of the squad was killed when the ship crashed onto a planet. In one of the most dramatic and memorable scenes across The Clone Wars series, fans see his helmet hanging above his grave alongside other troopers in a mass burial.

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From Jedis in Rebels to fellow soldiers in The Clone Wars, Star Wars Animation has given us some of the saddest deaths in the entire franchise.

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