The Family Chantel: Chantel’s Latest IG Video Suggests She Is Single

The Family Chantel: Chantel’s Latest IG Video Suggests She Is Single

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno have kept The Family Chantel fans guessing about their relationship status, but Chantel’s recent post suggests that their marriage may be over. The 90 Day Fiancé couple will soon air their marital drama on The Family Chantel season 4, which premieres June 6 on TLC. While the new season trailer hints at Chantel and Pedro breaking up, some viewers believe her Instagram post already gave away her relationship status.

Pedro and Chantel rose to fast fame in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise due to the intense drama from both of their families. This led to them landing their own spin-off show, where Pedro was gradually accepted by Chantel’s dramatic American family. However, Chantel still remains despised by Pedro’s Dominican Republic native mother and sister. Though Chantel and Pedro are often at odds with each other’s families, their relationship has been faced with tension and accusations of Pedro cheating. Now some Family Chantel fans believe that the couple has officially separated.

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Chantel took to Instagram to share a dance video with her followers that promoted clothing for an Atlanta-based sportswear company. Many commenters criticized Chantel’s stiff and forced dance moves, though some commenters quickly noted something else that stood out. Chantel appeared without her wedding ring in the video, which commenters immediately picked up on. “Where’s you wedding ring,” one fan asked with a crying face emoticon. “I think they’re done thankfully,” a more critical commenter wrote back. “I don’t see a wedding ring,” another fan noted, as multiple commenters speculated as to whether or not Chantel’s absence of a ring was an indication that she was no longer with Pedro.

Speculation about a split between Chantel and Pedro has been rumored for years. However, the recently released trailer for The Family Chantel season 4 makes a breakup appear imminent. Chantel and Pedro’s marital strife is at the center of the new season, as the couple is shown arguing many times. Chantel calls Pedro out for not spending time with her, while she questions if he cheated on her and asks if he even loves her. Meanwhile, Chantel has not shared a photo with Pedro in quite some time. Chantel’s Instagram is instead filled with glamorous solo shots and videos with the occasional family photo. However, Pedro has been absent from her grid for a while.

Chantel and Pedro’s marriage appears doomed to many Family Chantel fans. Some viewers even believe that the couple has been separated for some time and are waiting to announce their split after the upcoming season airs. A breakup between Chantel and Pedro would certainly make his family happy, as she has never been accepted. While her family has warmed up to Pedro and accepted him, it’s safe to say that they will side with Chantel. The upcoming season of The Family Chantel is expected to shed some light into Chantel and Pedro’s marriage.

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The Family Chantel season 4 premieres June 6 at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: Chantel Jimeno/Instagram

The Family Chantel couple Chantel and Pedro Jimeno have faced rumors of a divorce for a while now, but viewers believe that they are now split up.

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