90 Day Fiancé: Pedro Jimeno’s Weight Loss Journey In Photos

90 Day Fiancé: Pedro Jimeno’s Weight Loss Journey In Photos

The 90 Day Fiancé alum Pedro Jimeno, who stars in The Family Chantelhas gotten slimmer over the past few years, and his fitness journey is fascinating. As the reality celeb turned to workouts, including Muay Thai boxing, he got lean and gained confidence. This left Pedro with a ripped physique that he enjoys showing off online. A look back at Pedro’s fitness progress pictures reveals how the 90 Day Fiancé star gradually earned his chiseled body.

Pedro isn’t the only The Family Chantel star to slim down. His sister-in-law Winter Everett has also lost a considerable amount of weight since she first appeared on reality TV. While 90 Day Fiancé icon Pedro changed his body thanks to a commitment to going to the gym, Winter chose gastric bypass surgery. However, like Pedro, Winter often exercises, and shares progress photos with her loyal followers. This has made her an influencer like her older sister, Chantel Jimeno. However, Pedro’s hard work is solely due to his workouts and dietary changes.

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Many The Family Chantel fans are eager to keep up with weight loss news about cast members. One of the most compelling parts of Pedro’s fitness journey has been the newfound confidence the Dominican Republic native picked up along the way. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans find Pedro easy to root for, though he will soon be facing some issues with his marriage. Clips for The Family Chantel season 4 show that Pedro and Chantel will face their biggest marital problems yet, which could result in the 90 Day Fiancé alums divorcing.

When Pedro first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé alongside Chantel, his body was slim due to his active lifestyle in the Dominican Republic, in addition to his youth. He did not struggle with his weight in DR. Although he wasn’t showing off impressive muscles yet, Pedro appeared comfortable in his skin, and happy with his body.

Like many foreign 90 Day Fiancé cast members, Pedro experienced some weight gain once he settled down in the US. He quickly packed on pounds as he admitted to indulging in a lot of American food. Sampling all of the delicious food in Georgia led to Pedro’s weight gain, which seemed to give him a fuller face and belly.

Pedro realized that he was getting heavier in the United States, and vowed to improve his eating habits. Chantel’s handsome husband started eating a healthy diet and hitting the gym. Pedro shared an image of his body in 2019, towards the start of his fitness transformation. He had slimmed down dramatically and gained plenty of lean muscle.

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Pedro’s dedication to the gym really began to show, and he was eager to share his progress with 90 Day Fiancé fans. He shared an image of himself on Instagram in 2020, and addressed fan concerns that he had gotten too lean. Pedro clarified that he was six feet tall and 165 pounds, which is considered healthy. Many fans congratulated Pedro on his significant progress in the gym, as his results were very visible. See another picture of Pedro’s honed body below:

Pedro from 90 Day Fiancé shared a 2022 update photo with his followers back in March, which showed just how far he has come on his fitness journey. The Family Chantel star appeared lean and fit in a button-down shirt as he enjoyed a trip to Hawaii. Many The Family Chantel fans have praised Pedro’s transformation, as he put in hard work to earn a fitter physique. Meanwhile, Pedro’s confidence appears to be at an all-time high.

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Since his early 90 Day Fiancé days, Pedro Jimeno has had a major glow-up. The Family Chantel star hits the gym and shows off amazing fitness results.

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