Fortnite: Where To Find Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle

Fortnite: Where To Find Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle

The Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle have returned to Fortnite. Collecting them both is essential for clearing out a new seasonal challenge. Every week, Fortnite populates with recent changes on the map and quests to go along with it. Players looking to max out their Battle Pass this season will benefit from clearing out seasonal quests as quickly as possible. Once the player reaches level 100, they’ll be able to unlock the Doctor Strange skin as a reward.

Both the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle were introduced in an older season of Fortnite. It was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 8, and was a gameplay mechanic that randomly spawned around the map. They appeared along with Sideways Encounters on Fortnite‘s map and would spawn Cube Monsters for players to eliminate. It was impossible to build, but the gravity was much lower, allowing traversal around the bubble and away from the monsters. Now, just the weapons from the Sideways have returned. One of the seasonal challenges requires players to find two of them within a single game.

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To find the Sideways Minigun and Rifle, the player will just need to find them within treasure chests. There is no promised location on the map that holds these weapons, but they appear fairly frequently when opening chests. The best thing to do would be to head to a location with tons of treasure chests like Tilted Towers or the Daily Bugle. These are populated with buildings full of treasure chests on nearly every floor, making it much more likely that the Sideways Minigun and Rifle will spawn. They can also appear on the ground as floor loot.

A handful of challenges will reward players with XP that involves Sideways weapons.

  • Upgrade a Sideways Weapon at an Upgrade Bench.
  • Overheat any Sideways Gun
  • Defeat IO Forces with Sideways Minigun.
  • Damage opponents from 40 or more meters with the Sideways Rifle.
  • Collect a Sideways Minigun and a Sideways Rifle in a single match.
  • Damage Opponents with Sideways weapons.

Players can also take a Sideways weapon from an enemy player they defeat. Although, both Sideways weapons will only be available in the game until Tuesday, May 24th. After this day, the guns will go back into the Fortnite vault with no knowledge of when they will return. So make sure to complete these challenges and earn that XP for Fortnite’s Battle Pass this season. Chapter 3 Season 2 is scheduled to conclude on June 3rd to be replaced with an entirely new Battle Pass. Not much is known about it, but all the rewards from Chapter 3 Season 2 will remain locked if the player doesn’t clear it in time.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

A new Fortnite challenge requires players to find a Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle in a single match. They can be found inside chests.

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