Where to Find Allay in Minecraft (& How To Use Them)

Where to Find Allay in Minecraft (& How To Use Them)

As of Minecraft update 1.19, the Allay has seen some interesting uses. The Allay are cute-looking phantom creatures that are non-hostile mobs and have some unique quirks that may aid the player in their adventures. Although Allays cannot be “tamed” exactly, they are loyal to the player once they interact with them.

After being voted as the new Minecraft mob, the Allay was just introduced, and it is no bigger than a bee in Minecraft and can’t fly much higher, either. Despite their small stature and hitpoints, hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons won’t actively target them. However, they aren’t safe from creeper explosions, but creepers will not target them directly.

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The Allay can be found in two specific locations in Minecraft and is not tied to any particular biome. Instead, they are found in structures that naturally spawn around the world. First, they can be found in Woodland Mansions, which are very rare structures only found in the Roofed Forest biome. Within the Woodland Mansion, there is a chance of spawning between zero and three Allays in the cobblestone cages area. Although the buildings are rare in Minecraft, there is an unfortunate chance that no Allays will spawn. The more consistent way to find Allays is at Pillager Outposts, specifically in the tower’s cages. Once again, between zero and three Allays can spawn there.

Now that an Allay has been found, players can use them in a few interesting ways in Minecraft. Their primary function is to receive an item from the player and then collect identical items on the floor in its vicinity. For example, if an Allay is given a diamond, they will search for nearby diamonds that are already on the ground. Be aware that Allays will not mine or break any material to collect it; they will only pick things up already on the ground. So they will be mainly helpful around farms as they won’t have to collect all of the items from those farms. Interestingly, if a note block is played around an Allay, for the next 30 seconds, the Allay will drop off their items there instead of the player. Once the 30 seconds expire, it will return to bringing items to the player.

Players can own their own Allay in Minecraft by simply giving it an item, which will prevent players from being able to harm them as well. They can be tied with a lead as well, so they don’t wander too far. When they are holding an item, players can also right-click on them (or left trigger/L2 on consoles) to take the item back and give them another.

Although it may seem as though Allays have minimal uses, the Minecraft community is among the most creative of any game franchise. Perhaps allowing the Allay to collect lost items in areas that are dangerous to reach or being loyal caretakers at a player’s farm would suit them. Over time, players will likely find more and more valuable uses for the Allay’s affinity for item collecting.

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Minecraft is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The Allay is a newer mob to Minecraft and it has some unique uses along with being a little tricky to find if players don’t know where to look.

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