How to Get The Gumshoe Title in Destiny 2 | Screen Rant

How to Get The Gumshoe Title in Destiny 2 | Screen Rant

The Gumshoe Title is something that Guardians can earn in Destiny 2 by completing all of the Witch Queen Triumphs. Titles are commonly sought after in Destiny 2 because they represent the completion of various challenges that are difficult to finish. These Triumphs often contain a number of objectives that either force players to solve various puzzles or defeat challenging enemies. The Gumshoe Title, specifically, focuses on content that is only available through The Witch Queen expansion.

There are nine Triumphs that players must complete to earn the Gumshoe Title, and some of them actually overlap with weekly challenges for Season of the Risen. For example, the No Peeking Triumph in Destiny 2 requires players to close all of the Darkness Rifts across the Throne World, while the Lepidopterist Triumph requires players to find all Lucent Moths in the same location as well. So long as players complete at least three of each, however, they can claim the Rippling Wings challenge from Season of the Risen week four and earn Challenger XP++ as a reward. When players complete both Triumphs in full, however, they’ll have completed two of the nine needed for the Gumshoe Title.

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For Guardians trying to earn the Gumshoe Title, the good news is that they’ll likely be able to earn the title for as long as The Witch Queen expansion remains active in Destiny 2. Even though some of the Triumphs overlap with weekly challenges, the Triumphs themselves will not reset once the next season begins in Destiny 2. Furthermore, some of the Triumphs have pre-requisites, and they cannot be completed until players reach a certain milestone in-game. For example, Darkness Rifts can’t be closed until players obtain the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher during the “Of Queens And Worms” quest.

These are the Triumphs that Guardians must complete in Destiny 2 in order to earn the Gumshoe Triumph.

  • 1. Throne World Collector: Trophies from the Throne World.
  • 2. Master Of Truth: Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty.
  • 3. Buddy Up: Claim all Rank rewards from Fynch in the Throne World.
  • 4. Hardware of the Throne: Craft all Wellspring and Throne World weapons.
  • 5. Report: Reverse-Lure: Complete “Report: REVERSE-Lure.”
  • 6. Of Queens And Worms: Complete the exotic quest “Of Queens And Worms.”
  • 7. Lepidopterist: Collect and mount all unique Lucent Moths in the Throne World.
  • 8. No Peeking: Close all Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.
  • 9. World Champions: Defeat Champions in the Throne World Lost Sectors.

The first Triumph may actually prove to be the most time-consuming because players must collect many items from The Witch Queen expansion on a single character. Specifically, this includes all of the Throne World vanity items, armor, weapons, and Exotics. Guardians will need to collect the following items in Destiny 2 to complete the Throne World Collector Triumph:

  • Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher
  • Class Exotic Glaive
  • All Nine Throne World Weapons
  • Star Jasmine Ship
  • Fundament Shell Ghost
  • Queen’s Colors & Ruinous Clash Shaders
  • A Higher Truth Emblem
  • Veritas Armor Set

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

There are a total of nine Triumphs from the Witch Queen expansion that players will need to complete in Destiny 2 to get the Gumshoe Title.

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