The Flash Showrunner Responds To Whether Season 9 Will Be The Last

The Flash Showrunner Responds To Whether Season 9 Will Be The Last

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace discusses if the upcoming season 9, which will air in the 2022-2023 TV season, will serve as the show’s finale. While Arrow became the longest-running Arrowverse TV show after its season 8 conclusion, The Flash is about to break its record. The Flash, which began as an Arrow spinoff and the first series to build out the larger franchise, will be returning for season 9 in the fall. When it premieres, The Flash will officially surpass Arrow’s 170-episode run.

At the beginning of 2022, there was some uncertainty about The Flash’s future after season 8 despite lead star Grant Gustin being in talks to sign a new contract for season 9. Due to WarnerMedia and Paramount looking at selling The CW, it caused the network to have a shake-up for their renewals and cancellations this year. While The Flash season 9 was officially picked up in March, there have been questions about whether or not it will be the show’s last one.

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As The Flash season 8 has only a few episodes remaining, showrunner Eric Wallace has spoken with EW about the show’s future. When asked if they are looking at The Flash season 9 as the final one, Wallace confirms that no decision had been made yet on that front. However, the showrunner does clarify that as he plans The Flash season 9, he will approach it in a way where it can serve as the series’ ending, should The CW decide not to renew it for season 10. Wallace says:

“I hope next year isn’t the last season, knock on wood. But I have to now plan, going into season 9… I mean, I have to plan it that way, just in case. I don’t want to get caught unawares. I don’t want the audience to get caught with a cliffhanger that doesn’t get resolved or anything like that. I want to make sure that we complete the journey that Barry, Iris, and Team Flash have been on. This isn’t a spoiler, but you’ll see the moment in this season’s finale which was the original ending where we’ve resolved the plot, we’ve defeated the big bad, and all that stuff. That was going to be the end of the season. Then when we got the pickup — thank goodness — you’ll see something that will set up next year in a very fun and delightful way that both resolves the shenanigans in the Still Force, which are going to get wilder; this is our biggest, craziest season finale ever, and it starts here. The good news is we do resolve it, Barry and Iris are okay, and we’ve even got the bonus that we get to add a little tag to set up next year that I’m very excited about. But I will approach [next season] as the final season unless somebody tells me differently — and I hope they do, because there’s still many more Flash stories to tell.”

While there have been reports that claim The Flash season 9 to be eyed as the final one, it doesn’t seem to be the case entirely based on Wallace’s comments. What is currently known is that Gustin is signed on for 15 episodes, fewer compared to his previous contracts. Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker, who portray Iris West-Allen and Caitlin Snow, respectively, are reportedly in talks to sign on for The Flash season 9. Jesse L. Martin, who has portrayed Joe West since the start, will be stepping down as a series regular, but still appear in a few episodes.

It’s a good call to approach The Flash season 9 with an ending that wouldn’t leave the show in limbo. Given the series’ long-time success on The CW, it would be a shame to see the Arrowverse drama end with a cliffhanger, only to then get canceled, similarly to Legends of Tomorrow season 7. However, The Flash season 10 could still happen should The CW, creative team, and the cast see there being stories that are worth doing for another year. The Flash season 9 will join only 2 other DC TV shows next year: Superman & Lois season 3 and the new series Gotham Knights. Whatever happens next year, The Flash is certainly closer to its ending than its beginning.

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The Flash airs new episodes Wednesdays on The CW.

Source: EW

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace talks about whether or not season 9, which will air in the 2022-2023 TV season, will be the show’s last.

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