Wordle: Every Five-Letter Word Ending in “ING” | Screen Rant

Wordle: Every Five-Letter Word Ending in “ING” | Screen Rant

There are dozens of words that end with “ING” in the Wordle lexicon. Each day, players are given the chance to guess up to six five-letter words. It’s a fun little brain teaser to start the day with. Although, it can be a bit anxiety-inducing to sit there and try and figure out the answer. While there is no time limit, each guess provides hints on the next potential answer.

After each guess, the color of the letters will switch to determine how accurate the guess was. Green letters are a sign that a letter is in the correct place. Yellow signs are indications that the letter is in the word, but it is located in another section. Lastly, grey letters show that the letter is not available in the word at all. There are no retries, meaning those who want to go legit will need to figure it out. That’s why it’s helpful to have a list of handy “ING” lettering. It’s not exactly like cheating a perfect score, just helping players go in the right direction.

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There are tons of different five-letter words that end with “ING” in Wordle. It’s important to mention that not every word on this list will be an eligible answer since every word hasn’t been programmed into the game yet. It’s more so a list to help point players in the right direction. If “ING” are the final three letters of the word, then it has to be one of these answers. It also depends on how the player guessed their answers before reaching this point. Keep track of which gray boxes are active and fill in the blanks with one of these.

  • acing
  • aging
  • ahing
  • aking
  • aping
  • awing
  • axing
  • being
  • bling
  • boing
  • bring
  • ching
  • cling
  • cuing
  • doing
  • duing
  • dying
  • ehing
  • eking
  • ering
  • exing
  • eying
  • fling
  • going
  • hoing
  • hying
  • icing
  • iring
  • kaing
  • lying
  • nying
  • ohing
  • oping
  • owing
  • piing
  • pling
  • ruing
  • sling
  • sting
  • suing
  • swing
  • thing
  • toing
  • tying
  • using
  • vying
  • wring

Wordle Itself was created by Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer who eventually sold the game to the New York Times Company back in January of 2022. Now, Wordle brings in millions of players every day to try out their new brain teaser. Those players who keep up an account can keep track of their statistics. Inside will be how many games the player has played, the current win streak, and the win/loss percentage. It also breaks down how long it took the player to reach the final answer. It was such a craze at one point to share your Wordle score online through social media. Since the answer is the same for everyone every day, there’s a sense of community when solving one of Wordle‘s puzzles.

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There are hundreds of different “ING” words available in Wordle to choose from. Players are given six different chances to properly guess.

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