Doctor Who: 10 Ways The 10th Doctor And Donna Could Return

Doctor Who: 10 Ways The 10th Doctor And Donna Could Return

Returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies has already made a number of exciting announcements, from the casting of the newest Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa to his latest companion, Yasmin Finney. But, the writer has also revealed that both the 10th Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant, and Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate, will make their return

Wilfred Mott has also been confirmed to return, portrayed by Bernard Cribbins. With so much excitement surrounding Doctor Who, there are still a lot of questions as to how all of this could happen. This isn’t the first time that the 10th Doctor has made a comeback, but what explanation might there be for these familiar characters to be making an appearance?

10 Fracture In The T.A.R.D.I.S.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. has been pretty unpredictable in the past. It takes the Doctor wherever it feels she needs to go and isn’t afraid to make its opinion known in the most unconventional of ways. But the T.A.R.D.I.S. has also been broken and fractured before. Perhaps an injury to the time machine allows its past to spill out.

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In previous episodes, companions have been able to visit the consoles of yesteryear deep inside the T.A.R.D.I.S. Considering the blue box exists across time and space, perhaps it may fracture into another period, with The Doctor and Donna as a duo leaking into the current team’s police box.

9 Breakdown Of Time

Interestingly, the Flux arc of Doctor Who actually set up time as an entity. It implied that time had a consciousness and hinted that reality could be the same. Maybe time is breaking down, or making decisions that impact The Doctor’s very existence.

A continuation of the Flux narrative would make sense considering it played out across 6 episodes. Maybe time is looking to meddle with The Doctor’s timeline and thus older iterations of the character are being drawn into the mix, as everything that’s familiar begins to crumble. This could open the door for other classic personalities to return.

8 Parallel Dimension

A lot of people consider the 10th Doctor the greatest in the series. But there isn’t only one iteration of the character. There was actually a version that was half-human, that now resides on a parallel Earth alongside Rose Tyler. There’s surely a way for that version to return in the show.

In fact, that’s the most logical way that Tennant could reappear again. It’s been proven that there are variations of the characters in this parallel Earth that exist in the usual reality. Donna Noble might just be one of them, with the parallel Doctor teaming up with his former companion and bringing her to the main universe.

7 Imposter

Shapeshifters are a part of the Doctor Who landscape. In fact, there are all sorts of ways a character could change their appearance, but Zygons have to be amongst the most famous morphers. They actually made an appearance in the 50th anniversary, so perhaps they could play a part during the 60th celebrations.

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It would be a cruel trick on the characters and fans alike, but to have both the Doctor and Donna be imposters for the whole of their return would be genius. It would be the kind of shocking twist that proves in Russell T. Davies’ era, anything can and will happen.

6 Larger Multiverse

The concept of the Multiverse has been explored in many TV shows, including Doctor Who; from parallel Earths to the destruction of the known universe in the Flux arc. With so many possible realities out there, it’s extremely plausible that a different version of The Doctor and Donna actually exists.

The current iteration of The Doctor has to be intrigued to know what’s out there, now that she has been shown a glimpse of all the possibilities. The T.A.R.D.I.S. can’t currently travel through the Multiverse, but a change in its design would allow it to welcome variants of familiar characters.

5 Outside Of The Universe

Outside of the universe time and space don’t exist in the way The Doctor is familiar with. She’s already been shown the impact of being on the edge of reality and that same idea can be brought forward to explain multiple Doctors co-existing in the same place.

The timeline wouldn’t be ruined if the 10th Doctor and Donna were to be interacting with their future fates. It’s an idea that would perhaps limit the type of adventure they might have and thus not allow audiences to return to Earth with them, but it would provide some kind of explanation.

4 Going Back Through Regenerations

What if the Doctor started to regenerate backward? It’s not something that’s been seen before, but for the 60th anniversary, Russell T. Davies must be planning something big. A great way to pay homage to all the classic iterations of the character is for The Doctor to appear as all of them.

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Ncuti Gatwa’s iteration of the character might not be the next in line in regards to regeneration. Perhaps this version of the Time Lord is someone from before the 1st Doctor’s time; one of the unknown personalities audiences are yet to see. That means a mini adventure with each Doctor could actually take place, including with the 10th.

3 A Forgotten Adventure

Could the new footage from The Doctor and Donna simply be a way to revisit a forgotten, past adventure that hasn’t been aired yet? It’s plausible that The Doctors could be embarking on missions parallel to one another but forever separated in the timeline.

The actions of the dynamic duo could thus influence the future Doctor down the line so that they work in sync with one another. It’s an interesting concept but one that isn’t quite as audience-pleasing as other ideas, considering it would mean the iterations wouldn’t actually interact.

2 Different Choices

The huge special might actually revisit the choices that The Doctor has made throughout her many faces and adjust them to see how the timeline might have changed. Indeed, there’s famously an episode that showcases what might happen if Donna had gone on a different path.

What if that very narrative was revised, thus affecting the entirety of Doctor Who in the years since. The current Doctor would surely have to go back to reverse the changes that were made, so that everything played out exactly as it should, even amongst all the heartbreak.

1 The Next Face

The Doctor Donna might be the key to everything. She contains within her a part of the 10th Doctor, his regeneration energy and his intellect, thanks to a mishap with a hand. Her mind had to be wiped so that her head wouldn’t be consumed with the cosmic know-how of a Time Lord.

That energy might be able to be redirected into The Doctor, thus forcing a regeneration back into the 10th iteration that fans love so much. Tennant’s Doctor technically took up two regenerations so a third wouldn’t hurt. It would also mean that Donna is finally free of the very thing that could kill her.

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With the 10th Doctor and Donna returning to Doctor Who, there are so many ways that these comebacks could be made possible.

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