Cobra Kai: Johnny’s Season 5 Story Risks Undoing Robby’s S4 Ending

Cobra Kai: Johnny’s Season 5 Story Risks Undoing Robby’s S4 Ending

Johnny’s Mexico plan in Cobra Kai season 5 risks undoing Robby’s season 4 ending. After spending most of the show on bad terms with his father, Robby experienced a chance of heart in the season 4 finale. It seems that despite all the problems they’ve had, a father-and-son reconciliation is currently unfolding.

The first Cobra Kai season 5 trailer provides a taste of what the show has in store for Johnny and Robby when the Netflix series returns. It was no secret that Johnny would go to Mexico City to find Miguel, but now it’s known that he won’t be alone on this journey. Apparently, Robby will be along for the ride. It looks like both characters will play major roles in bringing Miguel back to the Valley. If that happens, Robby could get roped into whatever fighting Johnny and Miguel get themselves involved in over the search for the latter’s mysterious father. Regardless of how this plays out, a fight outside Miguel’s apartment confirms their rivalry won’t end in Mexico.

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Miguel may not be only the character Robby will have a beef with in Cobra Kai season 5. Though his relationship with his father is improving, Johnny’s decision-making could set things back to what they were before season 4’s ending. Johnny’s Mexico plan is full of problems, especially since it involves Robby. The Cobra Kai season 5 trailer reveals that Johnny took Robby on a road trip without telling him right away that it was about finding Miguel. If Robby was under the impression that they were going on a father-and-son vacation, that could effectively doom Johnny’s plans to repair their relationship. Robby turning on Johnny for this would make sense, especially since Miguel had a lot to do with their issues in the first place.

Jealousy over Johnny’s bond with Miguel put greater distance between the two characters and made it all the more difficult for them to reconnect. Since that’s the case, it’ll be understandable if Robby is upset by Johnny’s plan. The character going to Mexico may not be problematic on its own, but expecting his rival to help (and taking him along without clueing him in from the start) is a step too far. It wouldn’t be the first time that Johnny has acted insensitively, but making such a big mistake so early in his reconciliation with Robby could easily end their new father-and-son dynamic before it even has a chance to go anywhere.

The events of the Cobra Kai season 4 finale gave Johnny an opportunity to fix things with Robby, and it would be a shame if Johnny ruined that now. That may not be enough to put Robby back on his dark path, but it could drive him away from Johnny and back to Miyagi-do. To keep that from happening, Johnny will have to make the right choices and ensure that he saves Miguel and keeps Robby on his side at the same time.

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The Cobra Kai season 5 trailer provides hints about Johnny’s plan to find Miguel. Here’s why it risks undoing Robby’s ending in season 4.

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