Unreal Engine 5 Project Presents Stunningly Lifelike Environments

Unreal Engine 5 Project Presents Stunningly Lifelike Environments

A project made in Unreal Engine 5 has been shared on social media, and it is blowing viewers away with photorealistic computer-generated environments. Epic Games’ fifth iteration of its massively popular games and animation engine boasts impressive power and freedom, which can be observed in projects like the stunning Portal remake in Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 could be nearly ubiquitous in the games industry during this generation. Countless developers both big and small have been confirmed to be building new games in the engine, which will ultimately lead to dozens if not hundreds of high-profile games running in Unreal over the next few years. A notable game being developed in Unreal Engine 5 is the next The Witcher game, which is choosing Epic’s ecosystem over CD Projekt Red’s long-running, proprietary REDengine. The colossal wave of Unreal Engine 5 games is still approaching, but gamers got to test out the engine’s capabilities in The Matrix Awakens, a playable demo that sold many on the potential of Unreal Engine 5’s realistic and robust graphics, lighting, physics, and more. The massive list of developers using Unreal Engine 5 is proof of just how popular this fifth edition is becoming.

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The power of Unreal Engine 5 continues to become clear with new demos and trailers, and a short clip made by Quixel and shared by the Unreal Engine Twitter account is one of the more impressive ones. Quixel, an HD asset and modeling company owned by Epic Games, created a compilation video of various environments built in Unreal Engine 5 titled Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5. The environments on display include a neon-soaked cyberpunk city, a fantasy landscape, a cluttered highway, and even the surface of the moon. According to the tweet from the Unreal Engine account, this video was made by a “small team of artists” in a “short amount of time.”

It’s important to note that the sharing of this video is likely more coordinated than Epic Games is making it seem, as Epic is the parent company of Quixel. However, projects like the Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 5 remake have proven that the engine can be leveraged by smaller teams with limited resources, so Epic’s declaration that the video in question was made by a small group in just ninety days is an impressive demonstration of what the engine is capable of in the right hands.

While the gaming community has been impressed time and time again by what can be accomplished in Unreal Engine 5, this clip from Quixel is one of the most stunning demonstrations yet. It seems that the fantasy of photorealism in video games is becoming more feasible by the day, and Unreal Engine 5 could play a major role in shaping this highly detailed future.

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Source: Quixel/Twitter (via Unreal Engine/Twitter)

A compilation video has just emerged, showing off the immense visual capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 and giving a glimpse into the future of gaming.

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