Trek to Yomi: How to Upgrade Your Health | Screen Rant

Trek to Yomi: How to Upgrade Your Health | Screen Rant

There are 11 health upgrades to find that are scattered between the seven chapters in Trek to Yomi. Finding and collecting health upgrades will make it easier for players to quickly defeat powerful enemies or tough bosses. Having upgraded health will also make it easier to decide when to save the game. Every chapter has a limited number of saves available, so being able to survive longer can help players avoid frequent deaths or running out of saves too quickly.

Despite being a side-scrolling game, there are areas to be explored that branch off of the main path. Upgrades appear as glowing objects that can be picked up by walking up and interacting with them. Like other types of upgrades in Trek to Yomi, one or more health upgrades can be found in every chapter. Players will need to carefully search every area of each chapter to obtain all available upgrades.

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Some of the health upgrades are easily spotted and can be found while progressing normally through a chapter. However, several health upgrades are at the end of optional paths, so players will need to take some time to explore each area before moving on. Along with increasing the player’s health, exploring will lead to collectibles and other upgrades, like stamina or ammo. There are 11 health upgrades to find and collect in Trek to Yomi.

Although collecting health upgrades in Trek to Yomi is optional, there are plenty of difficult combat encounters, so finding them is recommended. Health upgrades become increasingly valuable as players progress and boss battles become more difficult. Finding all 11 health upgrades will help players defeat their enemies more easily.

  • Health Upgrade #1 (Chapter One): There’s a health upgrade in Trek to Yomi that can be found just before passing the woman crying in front of a shrine.
  • Health Upgrade #2 (Chapter Two): Near the end of the level, there’s a bridge and a gated area to the left. Players can break the gate open, then follow the path to reach a health upgrade.
  • Health Upgrade #3 (Chapter Two): Just before the final boss fight in this chapter, there’s a small cave with a health upgrade next to a shrine.
  • Health Upgrade #4 (Chapter Three): Inside the building at the start of the chapter, there’s a health upgrade on the upper level that can be reached by climbing up the ladder in the room with a fire burning.
  • Health Upgrade #5 (Chapter Three): There’s a health upgrade at the base of the tall wooden fence that has a man sitting against it at the opposite end.
  • Health Upgrade #6 (Chapter Four): A health upgrade in Trek to Yomi can be found in front of a large fire with cages around it.
  • Health Upgrade #7 (Chapter Four): There’s a health upgrade at the end of a dock, and players can reach it by going outside of the small house and climbing down a ladder.
  • Health Upgrade #8 (Chapter Five): A health upgrade can be collected near the first shrine in the desert area.
  • Health Upgrade #9 (Chapter Five): Past the desert, players will reach a group of buildings with a shrine nearby, and there’s a health upgrade that can be found by following the path next to the stairs.
  • Health Upgrade #10 (Chapter Six): While walking across the group of islands, one of them will have a shrine with a health upgrade beside it.
  • Health Upgrade #11 (Chapter Seven): After reaching the building where the floor crumbles, players can go to the right and push the boxes out of the way to reach the final health upgrade in Trek to Yomi.

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Trek to Yomi is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Trek to Yomi has 11 health upgrades to find that are split up between the seven chapters, and collecting them will make combat encounters easier.

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