The Kardashians Fans Compare Kim & Pete Photo To Kim & Kanye Pic

The Kardashians Fans Compare Kim & Pete Photo To Kim & Kanye Pic

Fans of The Kardashians are comparing a new photo of Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, from the White House Correspondents’ dinner to an old photo of Kim and ex-husband Kanye West. Kim and Pete attended the event on April 30th, marking their red carpet debut as a couple. While Pete was present at the premiere of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim posed on the carpet with her family while Pete watched on from afar. The star has kept her relationship with Pete more private than her past relationships, but the two seem to be taking things more public recently.

Earlier this year, Kim and Pete’s relationship was thrust into the spotlight as Kanye called the two out in a series of angry Instagram posts. The rapper even shared personal text messages between him and The Kardashians star and him and Pete, where both begged him to stop posting their personal business online for the world to see. Pete even sent Kanye a photo mocking the rapper and claiming to be lying in Kim’s bed. Fans sympathized with Kim and it drew attention to the way women are commonly harassed by their ex-husbands and that if someone as privileged as Kim was dealing with it, less privileged women could be going through much worse.

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Kim shared a series of photos of her and Pete from the dinner on Instagram, and fans think one particular picture resembles an old photo of her and Kanye. A video posted by TikTok user @bryleejjayne utilized a popular TikTok trend where users compare two photos taken years apart using the song “Night Changes” by One Direction to showcase the evolution of the photo’s subject. The user posted an old photo of Kanye and Kim smiling and running down a hallway with Kim in a short sparkly silver dress. The next photo reveals Pete and Kim from the White House Correspondents’ dinner walking down a similar hallway with Pete in a black suit and Kim in another sparkly silver dress.

The user captioned the video, “crying in the club rn.” Fans in the comment section joined in with their own emotional responses to the video. Some fans felt the new picture of Kim and Pete was an upgrade, noticing how unhappy Kim has been in her marriage in recent years. However, other fans missed the days when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were on top of the world. “Makes me sad,” one fan shared. “I miss Kanye more than she does lol.” Some other Kim and Pete supporters feel that the reality star seems so much happier now than she was with Kanye and were glad to see the new photo appear on their feeds.

The strikingly similar photos fit perfectly with the TikTok trend, and while some fans are still mourning the loss of Kimye, luckily, others are celebrating Kim’s current happiness. It’s unclear if The Kardashians star intentionally posted the familiar photo of her and Pete or if it was just a coincidence. Either way, it’s good to see Kim and Pete are no longer hiding their relationship and feel confident enough to go public. Hopefully, they’ll still be able to maintain a healthy amount of privacy in order to keep their relationship happy and fulfilling.

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Source: @bryleejjayne/TikTok

The Kardashians fans are comparing a recent photo of Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson to an old picture of Kim with ex-husband Kanye West.

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