Is It Cake? 10 Episode Themes That Should Be Done In Season 2

Is It Cake? 10 Episode Themes That Should Be Done In Season 2

Is It Cake? has quickly become one of the most unique baking shows currently on. Rather than the standard baking show format of just trying to make delicious deserts, this show adds an element of guessing and suspense with the hiding of which cakes are actual cakes, and which are imposters. Each episode features a unifying theme to tie together all the cakes of the episode.

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Having a good theme is extremely important, as having a good theme leads to more intricate cakes that catch the viewers’ eye. Seeing cakes designed as things that nobody would guess a cake would ever look like makes the viewing experience much more fun, and with only eight episodes of the show currently being out, there are plenty of unused themes that could make for outstanding episodes.

10 Sports

Season 1 of Is It Cake? dabbled in sports themed cakes by having a bowling pin cake created during episode 6, but that episode was centered around a garage sale theme. As sports and reality TV go well together, and seeing how good the bowling pin cake was, makes the show having a dedicated sports episode a potentially fun idea.

Obvious cake designs could include some of the various balls used, such as a football or soccer ball, but more intriguing ones could be a baseball glove, boxing gloves, or pads. They could also borrow inspiration from the shoe done in the second episode of the series, but do a cleat instead.

9 Headwear

Another fresh take on a topic somewhat explored in season 1, is having an episode dedicated to cakes of things one can wear on their head; which could also produce some greatly designed deserts. Whether it be something more conventional like a baseball hat or bucket hat, or something with more room for creativity like a crown or helmet, panelists would surely have a fun time guessing which is cake.

Episode 2 of the show featured a clothing item and a bowler hat, so while this theme may not be entirely original, the possibilities the theme presents may make it a worthwhile one.

8 Restaurant Dishes

Designing Cakes modeled after other foods have consistently led to some of the best cakes ever made on Is It Cake?, so having another episode fully committed to it should become an all time great one. The first ever episode of the series focused on fast foods, and other episodes featured grocery store items and party eats, leaving fully realized dishes as uncharted territory.

Johnny Manganello, one of the bakers who competed on season 1, has an example on his Instagram account. His spaghetti and meatball dish cake looks phenomenal,  showing the potential that another food episode could have.

7 Electronics

The initial season’s garage sale episode (episode 6) had an antique radio cake to showcase a piece of outdated technology, so it surely is time to bring the show into the future with a modern technology themed episode. Imagine seeing an iPhone cake? Or a gaming console?

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The show is based off a popular internet meme after all, so it might as well make an episode appealing to the demographic the show is trying to reach. Having a VR headset cake could be much more of interest to a Gen Z-er than an antique radio.

6 Toiletries

Speaking of the meme that inspired the show, the original viral tweet that blew up the deceiving cakes trend featured plenty of household toiletries, such as soap and toilet paper. These cakes looked exactly like the items they were imitating, leading to the trend gaining such traction. The Netflix series could go back to the basics of where it originated from and make an episode incorporating these items.

While these items could be considered grocery store items, an episode theme already explored, that episode only showed food items. These leaves the door open for a bit of a redux, but with a brand new take.

5 Holidays

Many of the best TV show episodes are holiday themed, so there’s no reason that Is It Cake? can’t join the party with its own variation. Usually people think of the holidays at the end of each year when holiday episodes happen, but Is It Cake? certainly could get creative and incorporate other ones.

Christmas presents, menorahs, dreidels, and mistletoe would all be solid choices for the most popular holidays, while they could also go the more reliable route and pick a food dish, such as a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. They could also show some love to St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, with things like a pot of gold or jack-o-lantern. This would be a completely original idea, as no existing episodes covered anything that could really fit into this category, besides maybe challah bread, a popular dish for many holidays celebrated in the Jewish faith.

4 Music

In a topic the show’s host Mikey Day might know a thing or two about from his time on Saturday Night Livean episode focusing on musical cakes would also be a completely fresh theme, with no previously made cakes being particularly related to it.

With the obvious design choices being different instruments, things such as a microphone or record player could fill out the episode to add some variety. With the show featuring celebrity guest judges as well, having some that are involved in the music industry in one way or another could add to the theme.

3 Baking Appliances And Supplies

Is It Cake? could lean into a meta-angle by being a baking show and having cakes that resemble the same items used to create them. Imagine seeing cakes designed to look like electronic whisks, jars of frosting, spatulas, or cake pans?

Meta comedy and movies/tv episodes have consistently been among fan favorites, and famous actor and a common subject of memes, Nicolas Cage, just got his own meta film, and fans have been clamoring for other actors to get their own meta films. Reality and competition shows are limited in what they can do with this since they are inherently designed to be aware they will be watched, but this is the closest the show could get.

2 Hollywood

The series does air on Netflix after all, a streaming service known for producing a plethora of original content, including Is It Cake? The series also films in Los Angeles, the city which Hollywood is in, so going with a Hollywood theme would be quite fitting.

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Whether it be things associated with the movie industry, such as an old-time camera, or something specifically related to Hollywood, such as a Hollywood star, the possibilities would be endless for this theme. Netflix should know a thing or two about that region too, so their ideas should be unique.

1 Netflix Originals Props

Leaning into the advantage the show has by being produced by Netflix, Is It Cake? can incorporate some of the other shows produced under the expansive Netflix umbrella. Imagine how cool it would be to see some props or iconic items from shows such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Orange Is The New Black.

Examples could be the Orange Julius cups seen on fan favorite show Stranger Things, or the menacing face covers seen on Squid Game. Not only would it make some truly epic looking cakes, but it would also help promote other shows that deserve it, and bring in some potential new fans from the shows incorporated in the episode.

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Having a good theme is extremely important, as having a good theme leads to more intricate cakes that catch the viewers eye.

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