Disney Dreamlight Valley: Top 10 Iconic Disney Characters That Should Make An Appearance

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Top 10 Iconic Disney Characters That Should Make An Appearance

Recently, Disney dropped the trailer for their upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley, which appears to be a game inspired by titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing Although not a tremendous deal is known about the game currently in progress, one thing that is for sure is that players can expect to mingle with their favorite Disney characters in a virtual environment.

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From the trailer alone, dedicated Disney fans can already recognize a few famous faces thrown into the mix. However, that also makes them want to speculate just how many of their favorites will make an appearance in the game. Modern favorites like Elsa, Wreck-It Ralph, and a few of the Toy Story cast are noticeable, but there’s simply so much more Disney can play with.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an underrated masterpiece that has developed a cult following over the years. Although its two leads have not been seen in some time, the trailer for the game revealed a very familiar setting featuring one of the sunken city’s giant statues. This could mean a return to Atlantis.

An appearance from Milo Thatch and his beloved Kida would not only be a breath of fresh air for fans, but it would serve as a way to bring them back to the forefront. This could be a step in the right direction to get the film some much-needed attention.

While his movie is perhaps one of the unsung heroes of Disney’s animated masterpieces, the studio’s take on Robin Hood perhaps the version most modern audiences think of when they hear the name. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be found practicing his archery skills amongst the other characters in this colorful world.

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Given what looks like a very large cast in the game, having Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men along for the ride wouldn’t be improbable. Hopefully, Disney knows what their fans want.

Anything involving a large collection of Disney heroes mixing with a large collection of Disney villains has to include the Mistress of All Evil herself, Maleficent. Practically the face of the villain franchise, Maleficent’s presence is pretty much mandatory if there’s to be any overlap of good and wicked.

Judging by the presence of a dark and malevolent force plaguing the kingdom scene in the trailer, it wouldn’t be illogical to assume that Maleficent is behind it, especially given the use of dark clouds and thorns in the visuals. That’s not saying that she won’t be a victim of said darkness herself, but the evidence is certainly in her favor.

Disney has always had its fair share of wonderful wacky sidekicks, and it looks as though many of them will have a part to play in the players’ experience. However, one individual that any Disney fan worth their salt would love to have is Mulan’s lovable, wise-cracking dragon, Mushu.

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To a point, Mushu is arguably more popular than his sword-swinging companion. Seeing him as an assist, a pet, or just one of the many characters the player will meet in this game would be more than acceptable for those wanting a classic sidekick on their arm.

When it comes to sidekicks, there are perhaps few more energetic, eccentric, and entertaining as the Genie. Although the character does indeed lose some of his spark with the absence of incomparable actor Robin Williams, seeing him as a part of this world would bring a smile to many players’ faces.

The big blue ball of fun is definitely an ally any player would want to have on their side on their quest to restore a magical world. Phenomenal cosmic powers and itty-bitty living space might be just what the doctor ordered to save the kingdom.

With all their charm, wholesomeness, and extremely cute and cuddly nature, it’s a wonder Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the Hundred Acre crew haven’t received their own Animal Crossing-inspired title sooner. No matter what roles the cast is involved in, it’s bound to be warm and fuzzy.

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If their involvement in games like Kingdom Hearts is any indicator of how well they play with others, Pooh and his friends will fit right in with the rest of the game’s animated cast. Hopefully, they’ll have a new set of adventures in the upcoming game.

Simba, Scar, Timon, and Pumbaa were all seen in the trailer, and that certainly ignites the hope that the rest of Pride Rock will join them. While most casual Disney lovers would be happy with just Timon and Pumbaa, diehard fans of the film would love to walk side-by-side with cast members like Simba, Nala, Zazu, and Rafiki.

As they take their places in the great Circle of Life, players can only hope that they’re placed in close proximity. Walking with Disney royalty might be just a download away.

Along with Pooh and his pals, Nick and Judy are practically perfect for anything like Nintendo’s Animal CrossingDespite its financial and critical success, Zootopia has been shamefully overshadowed by other films and characters. Hopefully, Nick and Judy will make a triumphant return for Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

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Since it would be a crime to split the ZPD’s resident power couple, Nick and Judy have to at least be featured together. There are so many roles both of them could play, whether as residents or companions, that it feels like a missed opportunity to not include them.

If there’s one character that could rival the likes of Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh in terms of popularity, it might be Stitch. Since his premiere in 2002, the little blue troublemaker has been running amok throughout the collective culture ever since.

Stitch has been seen in movies, spinoffs, a TV series, and countless piles of merchandise in and out of the Disney Parks. To not include him in a game populated by so many Disney characters would practically be an insult.

For those not fully submerged in the waters of Disney, “The Fab Five” is a term used by fans to refer to Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. And if there’s going to be a Disney game that incorporates a large number of their characters, the Fab Five are the minimum requirement.

Mickey and Minnie are of course a given, but Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are arguably equally as classic. Simply put, the game would just feel incomplete without the leads in the main cast.

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From the trailer alone, dedicated Disney fans can already recognize a few famous faces thrown into the mix of the Disney Dreamlight Valley game.

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