X: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability | ScreenRant

X: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability | ScreenRant

The characters in Ti West’s slasher movie X range from an innocent filmmaker’s assistant, the stars of an adult film, and a couple who aren’t so thrilled that the younger characters are staying at their house. As the characters get further into their project, the body count piles up along with questions about who Pearl and Howard really are. has surprises, good pacing, and an intelligent theme, and horror fans are enjoying talking about the movie as much as watching it.

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From Pearl and Howard to the movie’s final girl, some characters in are more likable than others, and everyone has their own layered and complex story.

8 Howard

There are many horror tropes used in X, and from the start, audiences are nervous about Howard and Pearl, who don’t seem to want Wayne and the other characters staying on their country property.

As one of the two villains who murders people, Howard isn’t likable at all. Howard seems even worse when fans learn that he treats his wife badly and that she wants them to still be intimate, but he constantly rejects her out of fear of his weak heart. Even though Howard’s health isn’t something that he can control, he could be kinder.

7 Wayne Gilroy

Wayne is the producer behind the adult film and he’s an aggressive character who thinks that he’s charming and loveable.

No matter who he’s speaking to, Wayne comes off as rude and condescending, and it’s clear that he’s just doing this for the money, fame, praise and attention. While he and Maxine are romantically involved, he treats her like an object and it’s unclear if he really cares about her. Fans can guess that if this movie doesn’t end up being a hit, maybe Wayne will move on.

6 Pearl

Pearl is a layered character because on the one hand, she kills people who stay in her guesthouse, and on the other hand, she just wants her husband’s love, attention, and desire. Pearl dreams of being young again and feels heartbroken about the passage of time.

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While audiences can’t agree with Pearl’s decision to murder the other characters, she does have a well-drawn and detailed story, which is one reason why the X prequel Pearl will be so fascinating.

5 Bobby-Lynne

Bobby-Lynne’s gruesome death in X is frightening, as an alligator eats her, which is one of the worst possible deaths. Before her awful death, Bobby-Lynne is smart, sweet but tough, and not someone who suffers fools.

When Lorraine asks how it can be so easy for Bobby-Lynne and Maxine to have sex on camera, Bobby-Lynne says that they can admit that they enjoy pleasure and that she thinks that other people should be more honest and real. Fans like Bobby-Lynne because she says what she’s really thinking.

4 Lorraine

For much of X, Lorraine is nervous, quiet, and a bit judgmental. She isn’t sure why the other actors are comfortable starring in an adult movie, and she wonders what her place in this project is. RJ’s girlfriend is younger than everyone and seems naive, but she shocks RJ by admitting that she wants to film a scene.

Although Lorraine seems a little harsh for much of the story, fans understand that she’s not super comfortable in this situation. By the time Lorraine is fighting for her life in Howard and Pearl’s basement, fans like her a lot and hope for her survival. X is one of the best slasher movies and Lorraine’s section of the movie doesn’t disappoint.

3 RJ Nichols

RJ is one of the most likable people in the story as he’s trying to make a living and create something exciting and new. While at times he might sound a little pretentious, his desire to film an incredible movie is understandable and he seems knowledgeable about filmmaking.

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While RJ loses a few points for judging Lorraine for wanting to be in the movie, for much of the film he’s kind, respectful, and someone who seems dedicated to the process of filmmaking.

2 Jackson Hole

will likely become one of the most groundbreaking slasher horror movies and the characters are one big part of that. Jackson and Bobby-Lynne have a bit of an offscreen romance, but for the most part, they’re having fun being part of this movie and dreaming of success.

Jackson is one of the most likable characters and is polite, kind, respectful, and compassionate. He enjoys life and even tries to be there for Howard and find Pearl, who has disappeared in the darkness behind their house.

1 Maxine Minx

As the final girl who gets out and drives away at the end of X, Maxine dreams of being famous and doesn’t care who knows it. Audiences can tell that Maxine is someone who gets what she wants.

Whether talking about wanting an easy life or being creeped out by Pearl, Maxine wins audiences over right away. By the movie’s end, when audiences learn that Maxine left her religious family behind and they consider her to be a sinner, fans sympathize that she doesn’t get along with her relatives.

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Ti West’s horror movie X is a fascinating, detailed, layered slasher, and some characters are easier to like than others.

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