The Red Dead Redemption Franchise: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

The Red Dead Redemption Franchise: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

There are few gaming franchises as critically added and beloved by players as Red Dead Redemption, with the pair of games – as well as their predecessor – being seen as two of the greatest video games of all time. That, though, means there are plenty of unpopular opinions about the games floating around, many of which get voiced on Reddit, where Red Dead fans are vocal.

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Whether they be players voicing their love or hatred of certain parts of the game or commentaries on specific characters, there are many opinions voiced on Reddit that would leave the majority of Red Dead fans shocked.

One of the biggest surprises of Red Dead 2 is when part of the gang finds themselves stranded on Guarma. The whole sequence of missions there has received mixed reviews with not a tonne of fans loving it; Redditor Vrekas is an exception.

They say that their unpopular opinion is that they “enjoyed Guarma.” It is a very simply stated opinion that a whole group of players unquestionably agree with. Many, though, believe Guarma to be the incredible story’s weakest point and an unnecessary departure from what they love about it.

Leaving the central map for a whole other location can be done well, though, and many view Red Dead Redemption’s Mexico as perhaps one of the best locations in the Red Dead franchise. Redditor Sigfriendsbafne believes the mission there to be boring.

They say that it “is remembered fondly thanks to its brilliant introduction” but that it is ultimately a boring chapter. The introduction is outstanding, but many fans do believe it to be a great chapter overall and far from boring, being a justified element of the game.

There are so many incredible characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 who form a fantastic duo with Arthur and are brilliant in their own right, with Sadie Adler viewed as a great example of both. Redditor DadofJackJack seems to disagree, though.

They point out that during their second playthrough, they realized that “Sadie is quite a one-dimensional character, just angry (ok, she had a right to be angry), but that’s it.” There is no doubt anger, and a lust for vengeance is at the core of the character, but thanks to her relationships with the likes of Arthur and John as well as her past life, many will disagree about her being one-dimensional.

During the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption, players get to venture into the world of Jack Marston as he seeks revenge. It is safe to say Jack has never been the most popular playable character, but Redditor Hiking456 enjoys him.

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They call Jack enjoyable and say that while not cool, “him being annoying isn’t a reason to hate him. That’s pretty normal for a teenager, lol.” Many fans do not enjoy going from playing an all-time great character like John to a character who they do not think makes too much sense, but more power to those who enjoy Jack and his story.

Perhaps the saddest twist in all of Red Dead Redemption is when Arthur is diagnosed with TB, which he gets when collecting debt from Thomas Downes. Redditor brandonwhite3334 has an interesting theory on these events.

They call Thomas and his wife scumbags and say while Arthur could have handled things better, “Thomas wasn’t right in the head at that point, but purposefully getting a man deathly sick over a personal choice you made, not the biggest fan.” They later confirm in a comment they believe Thomas gave Arthur TB intentionally, which would make Arthur’s later helping Edith and their son much less sweet and far more undeserved.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s huge, expensive map helps its reputation as one of the greatest open-world games ever. However, traveling can be frustrating in between missions, with fast travel being a lifesaver. Redditor SevenateNiene disagrees on that last point, though.

They go as far as to say that “The fast travel system ruins the game. Why would I travel on my horse to places when I can just teleport?” Even to those who do not like using fast travel, saying that it ruins the game is a huge stretch considering that it is an optional feature.

Undead Nightmare is an expansion to the first Red Dead Redemption and is a beloved part of the overall franchise, but Redditor shibbington proves that it is not universally enjoyed.

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They cite “The infinite spawns were just irritating. This a small town, and I’ve clearly killed everyone in it.” as their reasons for disliking the DLC, and while these are understandable, most fans and critics will disagree, viewing the expansion as a thoroughly entertaining experience.

Micah Bell is one of the best characters in Red Dead Redemption 2, being excellently written in the eyes of many despite being totally abhorrent and detestable. Redditor JohnnyGeniusIsAlive does not believe that to be the case, though.

They emphatically state that “MICAH IS A POORLY WRITTEN CHARACTER.” They then go on to talk about how he hurts Dutch’s character and that he has nuance. While many agree he is wholly scummy with no redeeming qualities, most believe him to be a brilliantly done villain and the perfect antagonist alongside Duch for this game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is seen as not only one of the best video game sequels of all time but one of the best games ever made, period. Redditor MrTomDawson clearly disagrees with this, though.

They say that “RDR2 just wasn’t as fun.” and that they “got bored like a third of the way through and never went back.” To those who adore this game, this seems absolutely ludicrous, but it shows how diverse and interesting gaming tastes are that even a game this well crafted and adored can be seen as boring by some people.

Just because its sequel is viewed as such an epic achievement, that does not mean Red Dead Redemption itself is not seen as an incredible game. To many, it is even better than the second. Not to Redditor JurassicEvolution, though.

They describe the game as “Not a bad game by any stretch, just not a particularly good one either. I don’t see what other people see in it, tbh.” With its story, characters, and all of the brilliant craftsmanship in it, Red Dead Redemption is considered one of the best games of the 2000s, but not to all.

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There are plenty of unpopular opinions about Red Dead Redemption floating around, many of which get voiced on Reddit, where Red Dead fans are vocal.

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