Berserk’s Guts Enters Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in Touching Art Tribute

Berserk’s Guts Enters Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in Touching Art Tribute

In the world of manga, few stories are as legendary and respected as Berserk and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Despite the fact that the two series share very little in common, a Jojo fan artist just released a tribute to the late Berserk creator Kentaro Miura, and the result is absolutely touching.

Part of the reason an art crossover seems so unlikely is just how different the two long-running manga series are. Berserk is an adult story set in a dark fantasy world overrun by demons. Meanwhile, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shonen series that revels in the ridiculous and absurd. While it undoubtedly has its more serious moments, the overall tone is far lighter. Given these differences, it might be impossible to imagine the brooding Guts in the melodramatic world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. A new piece of fanart, however, makes a compelling case to the contrary.

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Coming from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fan artist @ArkNemesis 5, is an image of Guts reimagined in Jojo creator Hirohiko Araki’s signature style. Clad in the technicolor world of a Jojo manga cover, Guts stand with his iconic sword Dragon Slayer behind his back. The piece nails Araki’s style perfectly, giving the brutish Guts all the wonder of a Jojo. Particular praise needs to go to Guts’ sword, which is made stunning here. Fans of both manga series seem to agree, as the artwork has over eighty-thousand likes on Twitter. There have been plenty of tributes to Berserk (such as Final Fantasy 14’s) since Kentaro Miura’s passing, but this still ranks as one of the most impressive. More than just a solid piece tribute though, the artwork is a reminder that these two opposite series have much more in common than most would initially assume.

While neither series could ever be classified as Shojo, both take more than a little inspiration from the genre with their artwork. Berserk is a dark and serious story, but Miura was always just as good at portraying elegance as he was brutality. Griffith’s design deliberately evokes the kind of beautiful heroes that readers would expect from romance titles. On the flip side, Jojo’s characters similarly combine the masculine and feminine to striking effect. There’s more than a little of that combination in Guts too. There’s a reason that Naruto as drawn by Jojo creator Hirohiko Araki looks subtly off while this fanart of Guts looks totally fine.

Ultimately, Berserk and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are two series that have left a tremendous impact on readers across the world. Regardless of any reader’s opinion on either series, they are both important milestones in the history of manga. @Arknemesis5’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired Berserk tribute proves that the two series have more in common than initial appearances suggest.

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Source: @Arknemesis5

Berserk and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure might not seem like they have much in common, but impressive new fanart makes Guts into a Jojo.

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