9 Big Bang Theory Quotes That Prove Raj Was The Smartest

9 Big Bang Theory Quotes That Prove Raj Was The Smartest

With the main cast of The Big Bang Theory all being experts in their relative fields, it can be difficult to rank them in terms of intelligence. Given that there was an array of scientific areas that the cast studied, this made it even harder as none of them could be compared directly. However, there were plenty of times when Raj not only showed that he was a brilliant astrophysicist, but also that he was far more emotionally intelligent and empathetic than the other characters.

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Raj made many scientific discoveries throughout his career as a scientist, used his intelligence to date women that he liked despite his selective mutism, and showed a quick grasp of understanding conversations where others looked confused or needed further clarity.

In season 4 “The Hot Troll Deviation,” Raj began to work with Sheldon, whom Raj convinced to allow him to get a desk. However, what Sheldon didn’t realize is how big Raj’s giant desk was.

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Raj outsmarted Sheldon several times throughout this exchange, such as knowing Sheldon couldn’t get the desk out of the office himself, knowing that the desk would annoy Sheldon in the first place, and getting Sheldon to repeat the word “Brobdingnagian” numerous times for his amusement.

In season 2’s “The Griffin Equivalency,” Raj discovered a planet officially known as “NQ17” (or, as he named it, “Planet Bollywood”). As one of the greatest scientific discoveries of Raj’s career, Raj revealed People Magazine named him as one of “their 30 under 30 to watch”.

This represented an achievement that Sheldon, Howard nor Leonard ever got. Even the name confused Sheldon, who stated that he would have never figured out the name even with a million guesses.

In the season 3 episode, ‘The Pirate Solution,’ Sheldon asked Raj to work with him on a dark matter experiment. This episode displayed several examples of why Raj was the smartest member of the group.

For one, Sheldon choosing to work with Raj on the Dark Matter project over Leonard and Howard showed that he believed Raj could possibly be more intelligent than them. Although it didn’t settle well with Sheldon, he did acknowledge that Raj had outsmarted him when he worked through an error to which the future Noble prize physicist struggled on.

One of the main running jokes of the show was how Howard was the only one of the main gang that didn’t have his doctorate. Penny poked fun at Howard by saying “You’re a doctor, you’re a doctor, You’re a doctor and Howard, you know a lot of Doctors.”

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Given that Raj was one of the members of the gang with a Ph.D., it could certainly be argued that this would rank him higher on the intelligence scale than Howard.

‘Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock’ was a game introduced in season 2 “The Lizard-Spock Expansion,” where Sheldon suggested he and Raj use it to settle a decision. Even after one explanation of the more complicated rules, while Leonard looks on confused, Raj replied that he understood

The game appeared again in a later season in an episode that featured Barry Kripke, even though he was messing with Sheldon eventually, Barry had to have the rules repeated to fully grasp it, whereas Raj understood the rules after the first explanation.

In season 7 episode “The Indecision Amalgamation,” one of Raj and Penny’s best moments sees the pair talking about Altair and Vega, two of the brightest stars in the galaxy who, according to Raj were “deeply in love but separated by the celestial river of the Milky Way” but who are reunited once a year “so the two lovers can be together for a single night of passion.”

Penny swoons at Raj’s tale of the stars. This demonstrated Raj’s knowledge of the universe. Also, the fact that he chose a story for a date that had such a strong reaction from Penny proves that he can also use his area of scientific expertise to help him in his dating life. This was a tactic that hadn’t worked for Leonard, Howard, or Sheldon before.

In the season 3 episode, “The Pirate Solution,” Raj had to find a new job and was invited to a meeting with a scientist from M.I.T, who was amazed at his research. When asked how he did it, Raj replied “Well, I ran a simulation that allowed me to correct for the observational efficiency.”

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Even though Raj had to take a sip of alcohol before talking to the female professor, both of the other professional scientists in his presence were extremely impressed by his explanation, which proved that Raj certainly had a brilliant mind.

On many occasions, Raj has third-wheeled Howard and Bernadette’s relationship. In season 7 episode The Discovery Dissipation,” Raj offered Howard and Bernadette some relationship advice when Howard repeatedly annoyed Bernadette.

With this quote, Raj has proved time and time again that he was emotionally intelligent as well as an expert in his scientific field. Howard never had much success with women, but this showed that, even after being together for so long, Raj knows how to treat Bernadette better than Howard does and received a very grateful response from Bernadette.

One other example of Raj using his intelligence to make things work on a date was with Lucy, where he suggested that they “have a texting date.” Lucy was a character with social anxiety and found it hard to talk to people she didn’t know.

Not only did Raj figure out a way to date Lucy without both of their anxieties getting in the way, but it was also very considerate of him, making him far more empathetic than characters such as Sheldon who struggled with empathising with others or Howard who largely creeped out girls he went after.

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Raj proved to be one of the smartest characters on The Big Bang Theory with these quotes.

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