90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Claps Back At Fans Who Suspect She’s Pregnant

90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Claps Back At Fans Who Suspect She’s Pregnant

Recently, TLC fan-favorite Jasmine Pineda lashed out at 90 Day Fiancé viewers on Instagram who keep asking if she’s pregnant with Gino Palazzolo’s baby. 34-year-old Jasmine has been winning fans over with her blunt personality and unforgettable one-liners on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, making her one of the most popular cast members of season 5. However, it wasn’t always the case with Jasmine, who’s faced accusations of being a gold digger and has been criticized for her anger issues. While Jasmine calmed down considerably by the time she got engaged to Gino, it seems that if someone does push her buttons, she won’t hesitate to show her inner “crazy Panamanian girlfriend” to her haters.

Jasmine’s Before the 90 Days fiancé Gino, a 51-year-old from Michigan, is considered lucky to have found such a loving partner as Jasmine. She isn’t scared of showing her possessiveness but is also someone who defends Gino whenever he’s accused of anything at all. Jasmine loves Gino from his bald head to his toes, but she didn’t appear to trust him when it came to getting pregnant. Gino’s main agenda while visiting Jasmine in Panama was to start having kids. He wanted to make babies with Jasmine before he could even get engaged to her. But Jasmine was on the pill without letting Gino know. The Michigan man was upset upon finding out about Jasmine taking birth control pills but back then she knew they weren’t ready to start a family as a couple.

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However, certain photos on Jasmine’s Instagram stories led fans to speculate she’s expecting a baby with Gino. Jasmine had only one answer to these curious minds, as she wrote, “for the last time: I’m not pregnant” in an Instagram story update. Jasmine explained that if fans sometimes see her sporting a belly on her skinny frame, it’s because she has poop inside of her “as every human being on earth.” Jasmine confessed that if she ever has a baby in the future, “it will be super planned.

Jasmine has already thought about her future kids with Gino. She wants them to be twins. “I believe I’ll do it in a lab,” Jasmine revealed. Regardless, Jasmine is in no hurry for a pregnancy. Jasmine promised her 90 Day Fiancé fans that they will be the first to know the news, if and when it happens. While on the subject of kids, former American lit teacher Jasmine cleared up rumors about her first two sons. Jasmine explained both her older kids are from the same dad. She spoke about getting “tons of comments” that say Jasmine’s children have two different fathers.

Additionally, there was a rumor about Gino having visited Jasmine in Panama City before the Before the 90 Days Tell-All was filmed in January. The reports claimed Jasmine and Gino conceived their baby during the trip and she was about five weeks pregnant in early March. The way Jasmine is denying the rumors so strongly means she wants to dispel them once and for all. Any which way, whether Jasmine is or isn’t pregnant might be something that viewers find out whenever she and Gino return to their next 90 Day Fiancé franchise show. Given their popularity on season 5, fans want to see more of Before the 90 Days’ Gino and Jasmine and even if it’s not been confirmed yet, her K-1 visa journey appears to have begun which means the fiery Latina could be headed to the U.S. soon.

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Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

Jasmine Pineda lashed out at her IG followers for asking her if she’s pregnant with Gino Palazzolo’s baby after 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

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