Harry Potter: Which Slytherin Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type?

Harry Potter: Which Slytherin Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type?

In Harry Potter lore, there are few characters as universally villianized as those who belong to Slytherin. To some degree this is understandable, since this is the Hogwarts House that managed to produce some of the most destructive wizards, including Voldemort himself. However, it is also true that many Slytherins are far more complicated than they appear on the surface.

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In fact, looking at them through the personality lens provided by the Enneagram Institute often reveals some rather surprising aspects of these characters, even the ones that appear to be the most straightforwardly reprehensible.

Dolores Umbridge is one of the most formidable villains in the entire Harry Potter universe, and her cruelty is all the more extraordinary because on the surface she appears very nice and reasonable. As a Reformer, she is both very driven and very perfectionistic, which often translates to her efforts to browbeat the students of Hogwarts into doing what she wants, regardless of what their own wishes might be. It’s thus no wonder that she was willing to go along with Voldemort, if only because he would give her free rein to do as she wished.

At times, Draco becomes one of the most unlikable characters in the series. Petulant and cruel, he’s often making life miserable for those he deems to be weaker than he is. Beneath that, however, it’s clear that he’s actually quite sensitive, and he shows many of the personality traits associated with the Helper personality. In particular, he has a people-pleasing side to his personality that motivates a great deal of his behavior, which helps to explain why he goes to such lengths to do what Voldemort wants, whether or not he really believes in it.

Lucius Malfoy is another unpleasant character, but he does show some signs that he’s not quite as villainous as he appears. However, it has to be said that he does simultaneously show many signs of being an Achiever.

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As someone invested in the ideology of being a pureblood, he aspires to be at the top of wizarding society, and he is very conscious of his image and how he appears to his peers. Unfortunately for others, he is more than willing to inflict his impossible standards on anyone else, regardless of their own views on the matter.

There are few fantasy villains more dangerous and compelling than Voldemort, who truly wants to bring everyone under his dominion. As an Individualist, he is necessarily self-centered, and he is particularly prone to brooding over offenses. Indeed, it is his deep sensitivity and sense of personal grievance that gradually drive him to become the monster he eventually is in later years, when he decides to enforce his vision on everyone else, both wizards and muggles. And, even more menacing, he can at times be very temperamental and destructive.

Regulus Black is a Slytherin who shows himself to be unexpectedly heroic, forsaking as he does his allegiance to Voldemort and setting out to destroy the Horcruxes. Given that he is an Investigator, it’s not surprising that he is very secretive, so much so that some of his most important actions long remain shrouded in mystery. However, as it turns out, it’s precisely his skills as this personality type that lead to his becoming one of the key players in Voldemort’s downfall.

Jim Broadbent has been in many great roles, and he brings an affable charm to the character of Horace Slughorn. Though he’s one of the more likable Slytherins, it’s very clear that he fits into the personality of the Loyalist, in both good and bad ways. While he is often a reliable ally to the students that he takes under his wing, he also shows signs that he is a deeply anxious man. In particular, he refuses to take accountability for giving Tom Riddle the key to making Horcruxes until essentially forced to do so by Harry.

In the history of Slytherin, there are few more famous people than the man who gave it his name. Though much of his life is shrouded in legend, it seems clear from what has come down to the present that he was one of those who fit into the personality type of the Enthusiast.

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Obviously, he was a very versatile individual and, like the best members of this personality type, he was able to commit himself to his vision of what Hogwarts could be, even if he was eventually cast out by the others.

Bellatrix is one of the most evil characters in Harry Potter. Utterly devoted to Voldemort, she will do almost anything to both gain his approval and see his vision brought to fruition. Throughout her time in the series, she shows many of the personality traits associated with the Challenger. Confident and confrontational, there are few people that she won’t challenge in a direct fight and, as it turns out, this includes members of her own family.

Narcissa is another Slytherin whose seeming devotion to the cause of Voldemort and the Death Eaters disguises an inner complexity. She is, above all, a Peacemaker, and as such she cares very deeply about her family and will do anything she can to protect them. Though for a time she’s willing to go along with Voldemort’s schemes to manipulate her family, she ultimately puts more value on the stability of her family, which is why she ultimately plays a key role in saving Harry’s life. She definitely exhibits the good Slytherin trait of loyalty to those who are important to her.

Snape is one of the best and most compelling characters in Harry Potter, capable of acts of great heroism and yet also great cruelty. As the series goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that he is a Loyalist. While he is good at troubleshooting and has a number of skills, he can never quite get over the paralyzing doubts of his youth. He will always have at least a trace of the Loyalist’s anxiousness, though he also has its ability to champion others (including the students of Hogwarts, though they don’t know it at the time).

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The numerous Slytherin characters that appear in Harry Potter can be carefully analyzed using the types provided by the Enneagram Institute.

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