Elden Ring Player Tricks Their Father Into Leaping To His Death

Elden Ring Player Tricks Their Father Into Leaping To His Death

A hilarious Elden Ring moment sees a player trick their own father into leaping to his death off of Mirage Rise. FromSoftware’s open-world role-playing game features multiplayer mechanics that allow Tarnished adventurers to team up and explore The Lands Between together. However, Elden Ring invader tricks can also be used by devious players to troll their peers.

The player vs player system in Elden Ring is essentially identical to past FromSoftware releases like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Using special in-game items, a hostile player can invade the world of another gamer with the goal of killing them to earn rewards. However, certain items allow invaded players to summon allies as backup, sometimes leading to brawls between two groups of Tarnished warriors. The open world of Elden Ring is filled with unique weapons and items, too, giving an advantage to clever gamers and making every opponent unique. For example, the crafty Mimic Veil disguise tricked one PvP invader into running directly into a hostile ambush.

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Using a very simple trick, Elden Ring fan and Reddit user Rahl2002 recently tricked their father into tumbling off a massive tower. The hilarious setup sees the Tarnished patriarch climb Mirage Rise, with his child following closely behind as a cooperative buddy. However, Rahl2002 decided to be less than helpful and sat down directly in the doorway as their father tried to leave. This trapped the gamer dad inside the tower, leading to him jumping and flailing around in an attempt to escape. Rahl2002 naturally moved just in time to cause their father to throw himself off the tower for a glorious bonding experience.

While Elden Ring does contain plenty of crafty tricks, many of them can result in the player plunging to their death. Rahl2002 tricked their father into taking the short way down Mirage Rise, and an Elden Ring trick to prevent falling from ledges has actually spelled doom for many Tarnished adventurers. Players recently reported that it is impossible to attack off of a ledge if the fall will kill the player, creating a clever anti-frustration feature. However, it was then revealed that this is not always true, especially during combat, so this tip could actually get hapless players killed.

Elden Ring multiplayer can result in truly memorable moments, like epic PvP duels or jolly cooperation amongst friends. Rahl2002 has even created a heartwarming memory with their dad within the fantasy epic, though sadly it also resulted in the father’s embarrassing death. Rahl2002 may have been cooperating with their father in-game, but they might be faced by an angry red phantom come dinnertime.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Rahl2002/Reddit

A crafty Elden Ring player used a very simple trick to make another player, who happens to be their father, jump out of a tower to his death.

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