Why Max Kallschmidt Won’t Appear On Welcome To Plathville Season 4

Why Max Kallschmidt Won’t Appear On Welcome To Plathville Season 4

Max Kallschmidt was introduced to fans on Welcome To Plathville season 2 and was heavily featured on season 3, but he has recently revealed that he will not appear at all on season 4. Max and Moriah went from dating casually off camera to a strong friendship on camera, and eventually a long term relationship on the show. After their breakup, many fans were curious about whether the pair would discuss it when Welcome To Plathville returned.

On Welcome To Plathville season 3, Max and Moriah were going strong in their relationship. Max was accepted into the unconventional Plath family and gained her parents’ approval immediately. He supported Moriah’s music career and seemed to get along with Moriah’s older brother, Micah Plath, very well. At the end of the season, fans thought that Max and Moriah were getting more serious after he gave her a promise ring, and that they may even move in together. Fans were shocked when they stopped posting pictures with one another, and eventually they went public with their breakup.

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Max Kallschmidt is focusing on his marketing business and is launching his own YouTube channel. In his first video, Max explained his current relationship status with Moriah, that they are officially broken up, but remain friends. He detailed their breakup and told his side of the story. Though he remained vague about some of the details, Max admitted to crossing a boundary with someone at a bar while he and Moriah were still dating. Max also said that he felt pressured to move in with Moriah, Ethan and Olivia, after they moved from Cairo to Florida.

Max and Moriah took some time apart, with Max getting encouragement from Moriah’s mom, Kim Plath, to go on a mental health journey. Despite being in a better place now, Max and Moriah will not be sharing a screen again on Welcome To Plathville. Max was asked by the show’s producers to return for season 4, likely to hash out their relationship drama again for the cameras. Though he was asked, Max felt that his story might get edited in an unflattering way and his words could be taken out of context, so he said no to participating in another season.

Max also likely felt uncomfortable facing Moriah’s entire family after the ordeal and hinted at some off-screen drama with Olivia and Ethan Plath. Instead of going back to Welcome To Plathville, Max promised to keep fans updated on his life over social media via his Instagram and YouTube channel, though he has not posted a video since. Fans may be disappointed to learn that Max will no longer appear on Welcome To Plathville, but at least Moriah will be able to share her side of the breakup, since she has kept quiet about it so far.

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Max Kallschmidt was heavily featured on Welcome To Plathville season 3, but he revealed he won’t be on the next season. Check out the reasons why.

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