The Bachelorette: Why Fans Think Tayshia Could Be Joining E! News

The Bachelorette: Why Fans Think Tayshia Could Be Joining E! News

Tayshia Adams won over the hearts of Bachelor Nation as The Bachelorette, now, her fans think she may be moving permanently to a role at E! News. Tayshia originally joined Bachelor Nation in 2019 for The Bachelor season 23 with Colton Underwood. When it wasn’t meant to be with Colton, Tayshia tried looking for love on Bachelor In Paradise. Finally, when Clare Crawley got caught up in an infatuation with Dale Moss, Tayshia took the reins and replaced her as The Bachelorette.

Tayshia picked up The Bachelorette mid-season with next-level grace, humor, and authenticity. She made connections with Clare’s leftovers, and a fresh batch sprung for her. She made all the men feel seen and valued where Clare hadn’t. Tayshia ended up falling in love with Zac Clark, and all seemed well. Then after Chris Harrison got the ax after defending Rachael Kirkconnell’s plantation party going, Tayshia once again stepped in to host The Bachelorette alongside Kaitlyn Bristowe. The pair were beloved by fans as hosts. However, when Bachelor producers put Tayshia’s breakup on blast and opted to hire Jesse Palmer full-time as the Bachelor Nation host, it’s not shocking to see Tayshia shift gears.

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Last week Tayshia announced she was putting a pause on a Bachelorette return and is ready for the next thing. On The Drew Barrymore Show, she said Bachelor Nation “really served me,” but “it’s taken up a lot of my time for the last four years.” On a similar note, Tayshia told US Weekly that she hasn’t been watching the most recent Bachelor season. When it came to potential return, Tayshia said, “I’m not going to lie — I feel like I definitely add to the diversity factor and progressing the show, so I would love to be a part of hosting or being a part of the franchise in the future” but for now, “I’m just going to keep doing what’s best for me.” After Tayshia’s Bachelor Nation separation, she decided she would, “just *pop* into E!” las week.”

Then Tayshia started posting a non-stop week of filming with E! News. Tayshia hosted Post Pop with Francesca Amiker, where they discussed everything from Megan Thee Stallion’s Oscars performance to Will Smith’s long history of emphasizing the need to protect black women. When Tayshia posted a photo of herself with Francesca, she captioned it, saying they’d have to do it again sometime with a winky face, potentially hinting at something more. In a white t-shirt and black blazer, Tayshia then told her fans on her Instagram Story that she hadn’t stopped moving all week and barely had a minute to lie down and start the new season of Bridgerton before a work dinner. Tayshia then joined E!’s Daily Pop to learn some choreography with Lizzo’s dancers from the upcoming competition series, The Big Grrrls.

Long-term fans of Tayshia are taking the hint that the past week on E! News likely could have been a test run for a more permanent position. It looks like NBCUniversal has been taking notes on Tayshia’s professionalism and hosting prowess and is eager to give Tayshia a bigger place in the spotlight. While The Bachelorette could see more of Tayshia, they better bring a big offer because the rising star is just getting started.

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Sources: The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube, Us WeeklyTayshia Adams/Instagram

Fans of The Bachelorette and Tayshia Adams have been keeping an eye on the rising star and think she’s getting ready for a permanent role at E! News.

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