Destiny 2: How to Get Silicon Neuroma (& God Rolls) | Screen Rant

Destiny 2: How to Get Silicon Neuroma (& God Rolls) | Screen Rant

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 has introduced 40+ new weapons as well as returning favorites from the early days of Destiny 2. For example, before it was sunsetted, the Silicone Neuroma was considered to be one of the best weapons in Destiny 2 for PvP. Sadly, the weapon was sunsetted after the Shadowkeep expansion dropped, so players have been unable to acquire it or use it in combat for more than two years. Luckily, with the release of The Witch Queen, the Silicone Neuroma has returned as an exclusive Nightfall weapon and can be obtained with all of the best PvP and PvE traits introduced since the sniper was sunset.

Since the Silicone Neuroma is an exclusive Nightfall weapon, players can only obtain it after completing the weekly Nightfall activity during a week when the Silicone Neuroma is dropping. Players will want to run the Legend or Master difficulties of Destiny 2’s weekly Nightfall mission in order to get a much better chance of getting the weapon to drop after activity completion. Players will have to do a lot of power leveling and XP grinding before they’re able to attempt the Legend or Master Nightfalls in season 16. The Legend Nightfall is capped at the season soft-cap 1550 power level, while the Master Nightfall is all the way past the 1560 pinnacle cap at 1580 power level.

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What’s always made the Silicone Neuroma stand out in PvP has been its unique look and scope for a Sniper Rifle. Combined with top-tier sniper traits like Opening Shot and Snapshot sights, make the weapon even more satisfying to use. The weapon feels like a heavy-hitting version of another new Destiny 2 sniper, Thoughtless. However, now that the Silicone Neuroma can roll with new traits not seen before it was sunsetted, it can also perform well in PvE with traits like Triple Tap, which reloads bullets from the reserves of the weapon after hitting three precision shots, as well as Firing Line, which increases the weapon’s damage when near two or more Fireteam members.

  • Barrel- Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake.
  • Magazine- Extended Magazine.
  • Trait 1-  Triple Tap.
  • Trait 2- Firing Line.
  • Barrel- Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake.
  • Magazine- Richochet or High Caliber Rounds.
  • Trait 1- Snapshot Sights.
  • Trait 2- Opening Shot.

The Silicone Neuroma god roll is a heavy hitter to bosses in PvE, while its PvP god roll improves its handling and accuracy for consistently clean headshots. Players looking to get god rolls of this weapon will have to head into Destiny 2’s Strike Playlist and grind Nightfalls while Silicone Neuroma is its weekly reward. In higher difficulties, players will get many more drops while using this weapon after activity completions. With the best traits for both PvE and PvP available in the game to choose from, one or two well-rolled Silicone Neuromas’ are sure to be sought-after.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 has introduced 40+ new weapons as well as returning favorites from the early days of Destiny 2.

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